How Can Colleges Be Prepared For NAAC Peer Team Visit?

22 October 2018

How Can Colleges Be Prepared For NAAC Peer Team Visit?

Do you want your college to get NAAC accreditation?

Are you expecting a NAAC peer team visit?

What are the necessary steps you are taking for getting accredited?

If there is one thing that matters a lot to the NAAC committee - it's Quality! As mentioned in the mission and vision statement of NAAC, improving the quality of higher education is the major focus and highest priority of NAAC. If your institution has believed and strived to provide quality education then you are halfway there already!

While preparing for the NAAC peer team visit, there are many things over which you don’t have complete control. However, there are certain measures you can take and things you can do to be prepared for the visit. The first thing you must do is find out whether your institution provides quality education.

Feedback from faculty and students will help you a lot and take you a long way in improving the standard of quality throughout your campus. An institute like any other organization is an interdependent system where each process is related to the other in some way or the other. So it's important to monitor each and every activity going on in your campus along with its efficiency. An education ERP software will help you a lot in every manner possible.

A campus management system streamlines your processes, increases efficiency, decreases the time and redundancy of the processes. It also helps you in maintaining absolute control over each process, which further helps you in analysis and implementation of best practices. And the most important aspect is the MIS reports which only an ERP can generate with absolute accuracy and limited time.

How To Prepare The Self Study Report (SSR)

Before the NAAC peer team visit, the Self-Study Report or SSR you will send is going to be reviewed along with various other data. The SSR is what will give the first impression of your institution and that should certainly be very good and impactful. This is why the SSR is one of the most crucial steps of the assessment and accreditation process.

There is a guideline to follow while preparing the SSR provided by the NAAC committee. The following are the key details your SSR must contain -

  • Proof of contribution toward the core values.
  • Proof of building from the strengths recognized by the institution.
  • Actions taken/corrective measures applied to overcome the shortcomings identified by the institutions.
  • The efforts put from the institution's side toward the enhancement of quality.
  • The institution's future plans toward enhancement of quality.

Every stakeholder must be kept totally informed and must be associated in the self-study. The institution's head has a key role to play as regards achieving the goals of self-evaluation. A steering committee usually consisting of 4 to 6 members can also be created in order to analyze crucial data and thereby assist the head of the institution. This committee is usually responsible for collecting, analyzing and compiling the data in order to prepare a comprehensive yet crisp SSR.

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The steering committee's coordinator can also act as the institutional facilitator during the peer team visit. The institution must pay close attention to and strictly follow the guidelines and instructions of the formats provided by the NAAC during the preparation of SSR. The SSR must be submitted in a soft copy along with hard copies, 5 in case of affiliated or autonomous or constituent colleges and 8 in case of a university.

The SSR to be submitted must be in a particular format and structure and must include a cover letter, executive summary, institution's profile, criteria-wise report along with inputs from every department. Be sure to make the report concise, crisp and clear instead of bulky, vague or unclear. Even if you need to put in a lot of details, try to restrict the total number of pages to 200.

The NAAC peer team visit is a very important aspect of getting accreditation, ensure that you follow all the guidelines, and follow the protocol strictly. You can also check and follow the best practices of the institutions who have been accredited. All in all, extensive research, self-analysis and adoption of best practices must be able to prepare you for the NAAC peer team visit.

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