Data Validation and Verification (DVV) in NAAC Grading process for Higher Educational Institutions

What is Data Validation and Verification in NAAC

06, August 2021

National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) Accreditation is a hallmark of “quality” education.

The primary aim of NAAC is to enhance the teaching-learning processes in higher education institutions by encouraging them to-

  • Implement effective & appropriate assessment methods
  • Keeping a tab on key institutional activities
  • Creating a transparent process to fulfill the objective

To ensure all the 7 criteria of NAAC are being followed and the HEI is eligible to get the NAAC accreditation, DVV in NAAC plays a pivotal role.

Let us understand in detail what the Data Validation and Verification Process or DVV in NAAC mean.

What is Data Validation and Verification in NAAC?

“DVV” in NAAC refers to the Data Validation and Verification Process, which is a process meant to verify whether the submitted/uploaded data during the NAAC accreditation journey on the official portal is valid or not.

The data required for the DVV process in NAAC precisely includes –

  • List of programs (conducted in the last 5 years)
  • Self-study report (SSR report)
  • Evidence of data
  • Documents & records
  • Compliance MIS reports
  • E-copies of Awards/Recognition
  • Feedback from Students
  • Circulars of initiatives/new implementations

NAAC has implemented a Revised Accreditation Framework (RAF) where the DVV process evaluates the given types of metrics –

A) Qualitative Metrics (QnM)

DVV verifies QnM based on the SSR report (Self Study Report) submitted by the HEI. Every single piece of data mentioned in the SSR report is observed and a score is generated based on valid data given along with its proof.

B) Quantitative Metrics (QIm)

DVV verifies the QIm metrics based on the NAAC Peer Visit session. NAAC peer team verifies whether the institution is offering quality education & promised services to students.

To ensure a valid DVV score, the CGPA of both metrics is evaluated.

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for DVV in HEIs

The Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) For DVV in HEIs has been recently updated on 01-01-2021. The following are the key highlights.

#1: Data Limit - 5 MB

Institutions need to upload scanned copies of authentic data & supporting documents on the official NAAC HEI portal for each metric. However, the online portal supports a maximum of 5 MB data for each metric and it cannot extend beyond the limit.

In certain instances, where the data exceeds the 5 MB limit, the institutions need to host the additional records/documents on their website and share the link of the same.

Institutions need to ensure that the document's links are NOT shared in the form of Google Drive, Amazon, Microsoft Drive, or any sort of third-party hosted website.

#2: HEI’s Clarification Box

While sharing the links virtually, the HEIs need to make sure that links are added in the HEI’s clarification box.

In case, they are providing links in the running text, HEIs must enable hyperlink followed by –

  • Pressing “Enter Key”
  • Pasting the link
  • Once again pressing the “Enter Key”

#3: Hassle-free & Fast DVV Clarification Process

The best way to ensure a hassle-free & fast DVV clarification process is that HEIs can submit the supporting records & documents at the time of SSR submission.

The records and supporting documents need to be authentic and error-free.

In case of errors, the process may get delayed & even the institution can become ineligible for the NAAC accreditation.

#4: Templates in Required NAAC Format

HEIs must fill the templates in the required format mentioned by the NAAC accreditation Committee. They must not try to change the format or even alter it slightly.

Every single piece of data must be in a readable format that would help simplify the Data Validation and Verification Process.

#5: Timely Reply to the DVV

During the NAAC DVV process, if any disputes/queries are raised by the NAAC committee members, HEIs need to promptly reply to the same.

Replying in a given time frame is a mandate.

In case the HEI fails to reply within the given time, the NAAC committee has the right to disqualify them from the NAAC accreditation process.

Important Note for the HEIs

HEIs need to pay attention to that - Once the data is submitted, the institutions won’t be able to change it. Therefore, the higher education institution should ensure that the provided data is correct and the shared links are entirely operational.

How MasterSoft Can Ease the DVV Process in NAAC for the HEIs?

MasterSoft ERP is the largest & oldest edTech company in India that has been delivering the most effective edTech tools over the past 22 years. Speaking of the NAAC accreditation, the MasterSoft team has helped renowned institutions to upgrade their work processes by offering college ERP solutions with comprehensive modules such as –

  • Online admission system
  • Fees collection software
  • E-learning tools
  • Learning management system
  • Library management system
  • Exam management system

To add more value to the HEIs and help them to simplify the NAAC accreditation data management, the MasterSoft team has developed – “Accreditation Data Management Software” (ADMS).

Some of the best features of the ADMS software include-

  • Auto-generation of compliance reports in the required format
  • Management of the legacy data & reports in chronological order
  • Provision for backdated entries of data
  • Multiple-data backups for data security
  • Role-based access to stakeholders ensuring complete privacy

Error-free data is a mandate for a smooth NAAC accreditation journey.

The ADMS system will not just be helpful during the NAAC DVV or Data Validation and Verification Process but will help throughout the NAAC journey. The chances of errors can be entirely eliminated with the software for NAAC accreditation data management.

As an institution looking for a robust ERP solution, you can get in touch with our team of ERP experts.

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