Is your MIS meeting the goals of your Institution?

11 February 2019

Is your MIS simplifying your job, or making it tougher?

An efficient ERP is capable of reducing the work of 10 days to a single day!

Features which distinguish an ERP from an MIS -


Disjointed systems require you to download a report in Excel from one system and then upload it to another. There is no communication between the systems and it largely increases your work as you have to either enter the data manually, or download data from one system and upload it to another.

An integrated ERP enables you to easily fetch, pull, send and share data and information at a click. For instance, the payroll module integrated with accounts module facilitates instant data sharing and hence enables faster, smoother generation of payroll and salary processing.


One of the very important aspects of an ERP is report generation. Reports help you in decision making and are also required for accreditation & affiliation. A configurable ERP enables you to configure, define and generate various types of reports.

An ERP enables you to generate a variety of reports related to all the academic and non-academic activities. Right from admissions and fee collection to faculty attendance and hostel details, the ERP provides accurate reports within no time.

Extensive ERP

An ERP covers all the institutional life cycles such as - student life cycle, faculty life cycle and the institutional life cycle. An extensive ERP let's you manage all the processes, involved in running your Institution, from a single platform. Additionally, it enables smooth data flow across different modules and hence provides a one-stop solution to efficiently manage the whole campus and each and every process.

Cloud-based MIS for School Data Management

User friendly

A non user-friendly MIS creates unnecessary pressure, hassle and confusion for the user. Moreover, it leads to repetitive tasks and increases the time required to do a task. An ERP is complex enough to carry out all the operations smartly, and simple enough that even the simplest of persons can work on it with ease.

Online payment integration

Today’s tech-savvy students and parents do not prefer standing in queues and wasting their precious time on a mundane task like fee payment when already several online payment methods allow them to pay fee in an instant. An ERP is integrated with an online payment gateway using which, fee can be paid in merely a few minutes. Moreover, it helps you easily manage the entire fee collection process including the smallest of details.


Ease of accessibility of data is yet another very important feature your ERP has. Data stored in an ERP is accessible from anywhere, anytime. An MIS is operable only on a particular desktop and puts a lot of restrictions by limiting your reach as well as the amount of work you can do.

An ERP is accessible anywhere and on any device and hence aids you in completing your work well in time. Moreover, a cloud ERP integrated with a mobile App can let you perform crucial tasks from your Smartphone also.

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