MasterSoft's University Dashboard- How It Can Help Vice Chancellors to Leverage Decision Making?

20 June 2018

University & Higher Education Dashboard

The management of large volume of data can be a cumbersome task if the information is not provided in an organized way. This stands true in the area of the education sector where umpteen amounts of data and analytics go unnoticed in each session.

Universities collect a lot of data which is related to admission, student enrollment, attendance, financial resources and much more. The biggest challenge erupts when this data has to be expressed in an easy format so that the Vice Chancellor and other authorities can get a quick insight about the ongoing tasks.

The following image depicts data in its most raw format, organizations have to manually filter out to produce meaning full actionable data.


To overcome these challenges, MasterSoft has come up with a dashboard that provides trends and patterns in a graphical format to use reliable and strategically sound approach. It is a data-driven, student-centric, and the mission-oriented dashboard that will not only keep the Vice Chancellors updated but also help them in strategic planning and decision making.

Improves the Decision-Making Process

Universities generate a large pool of data every year right from the enrollment of the students until they complete the course. This puts pressure on the authority for evaluating or comparing the data. For this, MasterSoft's dashboard proves beneficial in following ways.

  • The dashboard works as a 'Navigation Reporting Tool'. It combines the data about the University from various resources and represents it in an easy-to-read format. This helps the Vice Chancellor to get insights that are required for making valuable decisions.
  • It addresses the key areas of the University like human resources, academic, students' progress, etc. by collecting the reliable data that can help in more powerful planning.
  • The dashboard compares the data of various years and illustrates the performance of the University in different areas. This further helps Vice Chancellors in predicting the future trends and setting up the University's objectives.

Track the Student's Admission and Retention with Active Dashboards

Most of the Universities and colleges are facing increase in student drop outs. Moreover the Universities receive lesser funds from the government for the repeater students. This makes it essential to plan a student retention and tracking strategy. For this, the University authorities require a high-quality data insight with accurate facts.

Admission management system automates entire admission procedure and allows administrators to store student’s personal, academic and fee-related data on a secure online platform. MasterSoft's DSS framework (Dashboard) represent this data in a more organized way to get quick real-time insights. The following image shows state wise admission count and fee collection details.

Student information management system

Student information management system maintains a record of each and every student starts from admission to alumni. Our business intelligence tool empowers administrators to combine distinct data from student information system, spreadsheets, and other data sources into an interactive dashboard. This dashboard is secure and increases transparency among all stakeholders.

organization dashboard

The dashboard provides an overview of the entire organization, describing the number of students, number of teachers, organization tree, narrow regions of students and most significantly preferred courses and trends in fee collection over the year.

The active dashboards play an important role by showcasing key indices such as the applications received for the university courses, number of enrollments, fee collection, class wise student strength, examination results, attendance, academic courses, etc. By analyzing this data authorities can build effective strategies to set up real-time targets.

Managing the Educational Methodology and Monitoring Students

The performance of students is also significantly important. University Dashboard includes the key performance indicators that help the Vice Chancellor and teachers to be aware of the progress of the students and their academic engagement. Furthermore, they can assess the effectiveness of courses.

The dashboard depicts the progress report of the student, giving a general idea about his academic performance and attendance.

report of the student

Analytics Dashboard for Smart Decision Making

Pooling in Marketing Intelligence Tools

organization dashboard

The prevailing competition amongst the colleges is really making it hard for the authorities to meet each demand of the enrollment. For this, it becomes necessary to use the Smart Marketing tool like higher education dashboards.

It helps colleges identify gaps and improve the enrollment numbers. This data can also be helpful in planning marketing strategies such as social media campaigns and email marketing to reach out to the targeted audiences.

The dashboard illustrates the total strength of students and helps in analyzing different categories such as religion, branch and degree which formulate the entire strength. This helps in identifying the most preferred courses.


To sum up, the MasterSoft's Dashboard for campus management is an effective business intelligence tool to analyze the data of university. The Vice-Chancellor can get a significant insight into various areas of the university at any point of time in mere clicks. With this advanced feature; authorities can easily streamline the applications and admission process to frame meaningful enrollment and marketing strategies.

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