How Can masterSoft's Unversity Dashboard Help Vice-Chancellors in Decision Making?

MasterSoft's University Dashboard

Updated On | 26, June 2022

The institutes and universities generate large amounts of data every day from online admissions, finances, examination, evaluation, lead generation, and others. It is difficult for them to store and process the data as well as make use of it for a helpful cause.

In the traditional methods of evaluation, a large amount of data is lost and goes unnoticed every day. The analytics and patterns are not seen by the authorities and the data collection is only useful for retrieval and storage. Further, the data has to be stored and presented to the chancellor in such a way that it is easy for them to analyze and take necessary decisions from it.

To solve this problem faced by the institutes, MasterSoft has brought a solution that gives a statistical analysis of the data in various formats on the dashboard. The system makes use of BI tools to give graphical representations such as pie charts, graphs, tables, and other formats. The analysis is completely data-driven, student-oriented, and mission-oriented. The institutes can make use of that for strategic planning and finances.

Improves Decision Making in Institutes

The institutes have to take several decisions yearly or quarterly regarding the capital allocation, investments, infrastructure, student’s experience in institutes, and measures for its improvements. This is a difficult task to take decisions without understanding the needs of students and teachers as well as without understanding the response of individuals in certain aspects.

In the traditional method of education, the institutes had to make decisions based on their intuitions or requirements that are seen at the upper management level. This reduces the accuracy of the institute’s decision, keeping them away from the real needs of the students and teachers.

To solve this problem, the institutes can make use of ERP solutions for data analysis. The system makes use of AI technology for data analysis. This helps the management to make data-driven decisions regarding the institute’s functioning based on the statistics for a few months and years. It improves the accuracy and functioning of the institute’s operations and improves teaching-learning.

Track the Student's Admission and Retention with Active Dashboards

Several institutes face the issue of students dropping out of college. This wastes a lot of time for the university as well as students for taking admission to different courses or colleges. Hence the institutes need to make a student retention strategy.

This requires the university to go through a large amount of data to understand students’ behavior throughout the year. Further, they need to take student surveys, give new opportunities, keep engaging in teaching-learning in classrooms, conduct extracurricular activities and ensure student growth in all aspects of education.

The dashboard can be accessed by investors, principals, and authorized professionals to keep track of student fee-related data, academics, financial information, and other details.

The dashboard provides an overview of the entire organization, describing the number of students, the number of teachers, the organization tree, narrow regions of students, and most significantly preferred courses and trends in fee collection over the year.

Managing the Educational Methodology and Monitoring Students

Educational methodologies play an important role in bringing growth among students and improving their learning outcomes. The teachers can understand students’ performance over several tests and methods of teaching to recognize the pain points and places where the students are progressing. By analyzing the same, the teachers can make use of different methods of teaching to understand which one is working best for the students.

This analysis can be difficult if the teacher has to go through a series of answer sheets one after the other and come to a conclusion. The entire process can be made easier with the help of an analysis tool. The software will give a complete analysis of students’ performance in every subject, for every question and right or wrong answers given by them.

This offers high accuracy in understanding students’ performance. Further, with the implementation of new educational approaches such as OBE and CBCS, the institutes have to conduct exams frequently and ensure that the students are on the right track to the required outcomes. This can only be analyzed with software and systems. Moreover, understanding if the new educational approaches are improving the growth of students or not, can also be analyzed with the help of dashboard data in graphical and tabular formats.

Pooling in Marketing Intelligence Tools

Making use of higher education dashboards helps the institutes to enable smart marketing and admissions for the courses offered by institutes. It gives them an idea about running the marketing campaigns by analyzing which course gets a maximum response, which marketing lines are clicked the most by students, and other information.

It helps the institutes to identify the gaps and improve the numbers of student enrollment. Further, it gives an idea about the number of students in an institute that are willing to opt for online learning and classroom learning.

The dashboard illustrates the total strength of students and helps in analyzing different categories such as religion, branch, and degree which formulates their entire strength. This helps in identifying the most preferred courses.


MasterSoft’s technologically advanced and robust solutions for the institute’s management can help them in understanding the student’s behavior and the institute’s requirements using analysis tools. It gives accurate data using AI technology. The system makes use of BI tools to give a graphical representation of data collected regularly.

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