Why Faculty Management Systems Are Increasingly Becoming A Necessity?

17 August 2018

Why Faculty Management Systems Are Increasingly Becoming A Necessity?

Teaching & learning are two sides of a coin. In order to improve student outcome the faculty should be efficient, creative and able to engage students in a positive and encouraging way. Faculty is certainly one of the prime stakeholders of the educational ecosystem which translates into a lot of important and confidential data which needs to be stored securely, systematically and easily retrievable.

An adept, flexible and reliable faculty management software not only stores all your faculty data securely and makes it readily available, but also manages every faculty related operation accurately with ease, thereby saving your time and efforts. You can also -

Recruit New Faculty Online

With increasing strength of the institution, the faculty will also increase. Recruiting the best faculty and maintaining transparency is in itself an onerous task and consumes a lot of time. The best way to recruit new staff is using an online faculty recruitment software (E-Recruits) helps secure, easy and speedy recruitment. Create online vacancy on the software and define the requirements. Get an automatically generated merit list based on your predefined parameters. Recruit new staff paperlessly, transparently!

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Compile Extensive Data Efficiently

Faculty data needs to be stored in a quickly retrievable, efficient and orderly manner. But compiling such an extensive amount of data such as salary, PF or any such loans, leaves, pension & gratuity, recruitment, service book, etc. requires a lot of time and efforts, not to mention the piles of paperwork as well as hassles associated with it.

Generate Monthly Salary Effortlessly

Generation of monthly salary and distribution of the same consumes a lot of time, especially when various kinds of rules, regulations and deductions are applied. With a faculty management system, you only have o define the aforementioned rules, deductions only once and then each month the exact amount of salary will get generated automatically. Pay slip can be generated on demand which saves time, resources and a lot of paper. Also, salary can be credited directly to the faculty’s account via any online payment gateway which ensures safe & secure transaction.

Manage Faculty Attendance Easily

An adept faculty management system software, such as HRMS by Mastersoft can be integrated with a biometric or RFID based attendance devices which can then keep track of the 'in' and 'out' times of staff. This helps the administration in many ways, firstly it tracks the real time attendance of every faculty. Secondly, the system automatically generates the respective salary by applying the specified rules such as leaves, half-days, late marks, etc. Thirdly, it maintains transparency and ensures that the data cannot be hampered with. Lastly, it generates precise reports about the same in an instant.

Generate Various Mis Reports Accurately

One of the key uses of a faculty management system is that it can generate any kind of MIS report accurately and instantly. Various governing and/or accrediting bodies need MIS reports which may be in any format. Generating faculty related reports manually may take days or even weeks and even then the accuracy, precision and authenticity if the report can be questioned/challenged. Whereas a system generated report can be obtained instantly and the data contained therein cannot be challenged as it is based on actual facts registered by the engine which is also error free.

Simplify Faculty Recruitment to Management Processes

Maintain Confidential Data Securely

A lot of faculty data is confidential and needs to be saved from online security attacks. Storing all this information in a well protected and heavily secured system is the best way to ensure its safety. Also, unlike excel sheets where data can be altered/manipulated by anyone having access to the workbook, data remains safe in an ERP as it provides role-based access. This means that only a certain amount of control is given to a certain person based on his role. Only the principal or higher level management has access to the complete system. This ensures double security from both internal as well as external threats.

Take Smart Data-driven Decisions

A dashboard facility like the one inbuilt in HRMS by MasterSoft provides access to graphical and pictorial reports instead of tables of numbers! Quick access to this accurate data is very crucial in helping the management take data-driven, wise and timely decisions. Data available on this dashboard can be viewed as per your need, for example, year wise, day wise, month wise, gender wise, campus wise, subject wise, etc faculty who are/were on leave. Hence a faculty management software which eases the whole process of managing present, past (retired) and future (recruits) faculties is becoming a necessity of every modern institution.

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