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Updated On | 12, January 2022

Achieving enrollment goals can be a demanding and strenuous task for an educational institute if they don't have a well-knit marketing strategy and a comprehensive procedure to organize student data. Much of the valuable time gets wasted in choosing the right candidate. Going through and organizing such a large amount of data is one challenging task which requires quite a lot of efforts, time and resources. Moreover, there is a risk of losing potential leads or there may be duplicate leads, both of which are undesirable. However, with the robust and systematic 'MasterSoft Student Enquiry and Lead Management System', this process becomes smooth, efficient and time saving. It helps the institutes to utilize their resources in a more profitable manner and cut back on cost.

What is 'MasterSoft Student Enquiry Management System' Module?

Simply put, the student enquiry management system manages all the tasks involved in the student enquiry process for an educational campus. Right from lead capturing to list segmentation, it maintains the status of each enquiry and controls duplicity of leads. This module helps in bringing all the leads acquired through all offline and online modes together by arranging the raw data in systematic way. This ensures that there are no duplications or leakages and all the leads are holistically and efficiently.

How does Student Enquiry Management Software works?

With enquiry management system, the educational institutions do not have to maintain the endless amount of data generated from the leads in the excel sheets. They just have to feed the information in this system. This system lets the administrators maintain the track of the leads and conversions by multiple level source tracking. Let’s have a glance at the features of this application.

  • Capturing the Leads: Digital revolution has made it very easy for the educational institutes to reach out to the masses via social media campaigns. Facebook Ads, Chat enquiries, E-mails, phone enquiries, Walk-ins, etc., are the sources to auto capture the students leads.

    With this automation process, the management can handle the leads at a single platform, eliminate duplicate leads and prevent leakage of leads to third parties. Also the campuses can track the leads through multiple channels.

  • Analyze the Students Lead Data: The educational campuses receive numerous enquiries for every course available at their institute. But not every enquiry is a lead as some students either want to have an overview of the particular campus or they may get placed somewhere else. At such times, it becomes necessary to funnel the important data, related to the interested or potential leads, towards the lead pool. This way, the management staff can retrieve the authentic enquiries and concentrate on them in a compliant way.

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  • Control the Duplication of Leads: Many students and parents make enquiry on the daily basis, so chances are that duplicate data may be entered in the system. The lead management system checks for any kind of matching data in case a person is registering from different phone numbers or campaigns. It identifies the channels from where the lead is being generated and curbs the duplication. This system also streamlines the efforts and time of the staff by removing the problem of manual data entry.

  • Focus on Better Targeting of the Leads: Targeting potential leads by using the advanced module of MasterSoft is effortless and uncomplicated. This makes time for the educational institute’s staff to focus on better leads. This will help in the following ways:

    • Optimization of the list of leads by analyzing the right leads or prospects
    • Creation of small focused segments from lacs of filtered contacts. These segments can concentrate on the interests, courses or preferences of various student leads.
    • Organization of leads based on their origin, gender, location and previous communication they had with the school or college management. This proves beneficial for the educational campuses to track the authentic leads for conversion. This also calls for strategic follow-up process.
    • Conversion of leads in a cost-efficient and reliable method.

MasterSoft's education management software provides assistance in achieving the major goals of educational institutions which starts with selecting the right candidate. Student enquiry software facilitates in filtering the best leads from a large number of enquiries. This way, the management can convert the enquiries by using the advanced level of the module. It is a complete, economical and implementable solution for keeping up with the enrollment process in the educational campuses.

FAQ’s on Student Enquiry Management Software


The student inquiry management system oversees all aspects of the student inquiry procedure on a university campus. It keeps track of the progress of each inquiry and prevents lead duplication from lead capture to list segmentation. By organizing the raw data in a methodical manner, this module assists in bringing all of the leads gathered from all offline and online modes together.

Here are the benefits of the Student Enquiry Management System –

  • Follow Enquiry from start to end
  • Keep a record of all types of enquiries
  • Student enquiry management
  • Keep a record of all communication details
  • Auto enquiry
  • Reliable and time-saving
  • Easily manages old enquiries and follow ups
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