Ultimate Five Things to Bear in Mind while Fetching ERP for Universities

23 April 2017

Ultimate Five Things to Bear in Mind while Fetching ERP for Universities

The higher educational universities are bringing the academic leaders, technology, and educational process on one platform with university ERP software. The ERP helps in building, managing, and executing the educators' roles in an efficient way.

The digitization process for the university management system will help in managing the financial affairs, teaching and learning process, student affair, administrative activities and much more. The main aim of choosing the right ERP technology is to process the data seamlessly and handling of complex requirements of the educational campuses.

The service providers design different modules to fit according to varying needs of every university. Below are five major pointers that buyer should keep in mind while acquiring university management software.

Developing Unity Amongst Various University Departments:

The best ERP software interlinks the numerous academic and non-academic departments in the university. This helps in running the courses effectively with educators keeping an eye on the submission of projects and reports by the students. The integration of the cloud-based university management system within all the departments will help in transactional and learning activities as well.

Moreover, the connectivity between different modules can facilitate university to implement their workflows, increases accountability, and minimizes the waiting time.

Longevity of the Technology for Future Use:

Most of the education ERP software provider designs customized modules according to needs and requirements of the various universities. The University Management must choose the technology that has the longevity and can meet all the necessary needs. This will further save the time and money on making changes every time. This can disturb the whole scenario of carrying out the educational and other management activities inside the campus.

Choosing the Right ERP Integration System:

Many ERP methodologies are present in today's technological environment. It becomes significant to choose the right ERP integration or cloud system with suitable modules. The Universities must pick the integration pointers and enhancements that fit according to their specific needs. The educational campuses must take the services from the right integrators like MasterSoft who understand the specifications and is experienced with ERP technology required by the campus.

Complete ERP Solution for University Management

Generation of Timely Reports of Students:

The ERP system for the universities must be well-equipped with the right tools to generate.

  • MIS reports
  • Co-Curricular activities reports
  • Timely attendance reports
  • Examination schedule and its reports
  • Keeps the track of the degrees of each course

MIS and other reports can help the institute in enhancing decisions related to the overall development and progress of students and class. In addition, the institute can manage the placement, human resources, and knowledge management more effectively. ERP software should have all these reports on dashboard so that the management of the university can scrutinize everything in a proper manner.

Technical Support by Integrators:

If the University campus is choosing the ERP software services from any of the providers, then they must provide 24*7 technical support to management. The ERP software should always available to make your day-to-day operations easy. In addition, ERP service provider should be capable to customize the modules according to your requirements and keep away the bugs or virus that can spoil the ERP system.

To sum up, the university management software accomplishes the bigger and tiring tasks of making manual reports and submission with just one-click. This will also help the educational campuses to focus on the overall development and learning of their students.

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