Why Alumni Management Software is Becoming a Necessity?

30 July 2018

Why Alumni Management Software is Becoming a Necessity

"What is the best institution where I can achieve guaranteed success?"

"Which college has the best techniques and teaching methods that would provide quality education?"

"Who are the alumni associated with the institution?"

With increasing awareness, rising expectations and disappearing boundaries students as well as parents are being selective when it comes to education. Now institutions not only have to compete with domestic competitors but also international institutions. Now is the right time when alumni management should be paid attention than ever before. Institutions, big or small, need to implement a proficient alumni management system as they are one of the most valuable and genuine asset any institution can have.

An alumni plays a significant role in the progress of any institution, since they truly represent their alma mater, its very important to ensure that they send a good message wherever they go and excel in whatever they do. Alumni are a people who set an example of the standards of your institution and also create a benchmark for students' expectations. They are the ones who are looked up to when parents or students search for a new institution.

What Is An Alumni Management Software & Why Is It Necessary?

Alumni Management is a quintessential part of your administration. If not done properly it may lead to a loss of some golden opportunities. Because an Alumni is a live example of the calibre of your academics they can prove to be a powerful resource for your institution. Storing and updating alumni information alongwith tracking their latest feat is what needs to be done in order to gain benefit from them.

A college alumni management software stores all the essential data related to alumni. It also tracks and updates this data thereby ensuring that the information is up to date along with being accurate. Being in touch with your alumni means showing them that you care about them and the relationship goes beyond the campus.

What Is The Role Of An Online Alumni Management Software?

  • Jobs Portal

    Give your alumni a personalized experience because that is what they expect. Recruiters searching for the best talent can easily view or examine the details of any student. Alumni get a much needed exposure to new opportunities lying ahead of them. An efficient campus management system has a job portal which connects recruiters with students.

  • Mailing List Management

    Storing and retrieving email addresses or sending mails to thousands of alumni is no easy task. It may consume a lot of time and there’s always a chance of missing out on some alumni. But mailing can effectively be carried out via a mailing list management system which has tools and filters to send personalized mails. For instance, if you want to send mails to alumni belonging to a particular stream or batch then its possible in just a few clicks.

  • Online Forum

    A online place where students and alumni can communicate with each other is much needed. Especially in this digital era where instant communication is what drives our life and we want quick answers. Alumni can share their knowledge along with experience with younger students. This is beneficial as students get a deeper understanding and passive exposure to the practical situations they would face. Especially in the fields like engineering, pharmacy, medical, etc such knowledge can come in handy and be very useful.

  • Event & Fundraising Management

    A number of events including fundraising take place in which alumni presence is important. But there are many tasks involved in it, such as sending out invites, tracking their status, booking tickets accordingly, managing payment etc. All this can be managed effortlessly using the event management module of the education ERP software. You can manage multiple events simultaneously without any extra efforts and ensure that no one is left out.

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