How Technology Helps Bridging Gap Between Parents and School?

16 April 2018

How Technology Helps Bridging Gap Between Parents and School?

The engagement of parents in the development of their kids is necessary in the present times. Most of the times their hectic schedule does not let them cope with the child's learning. For this, the school app is important to bridge the gap between parents and the school management. According to recent surveys by Statista, the mobile education trend is going to witness a rise of nearly 37.8 billion US $ in the year 2020. Its market volume has risen from 16.2 billion US $ as shown in the year 2017.

Technically Sound and Innovative Solution:

The school mobile app is a creative and contemporary solution to communicate in a fast and precise manner with parents or schools. It is an amazing way to keep in touch with the school authorities about the child’s performance. In addition, such applications send alerts and automatic reminders, which increases the parents bonding with school and their child's activities at school.

Statistic Brain states that mobile apps make E-learning easy. Almost, 77% of the teachers are using the internet for providing instructions. Even it was found that nearly 64% of the high-school students told that studying through tablets made them study effectively.

Enabling Technology Bridge Parent-School Communication Gap:

The school management app instantly sends notifications regarding events, field trips, closure or lockdown in schools in case of emergencies and much more. These apps are quick in sending and receiving information in real time. Let us see how they are immensely advantageous for both.

For Parents:

The teacher-parent communication app proves helpful for parents in versatile ways:

  • The push notification helps the parents know about the homework provided for each subject daily by the subject teachers.
  • If there is an upcoming event or any latest update regarding holidays, school functions, discussing their child's performance, etc. can be intimated through the mobile app quickly.
  • Without stressing to go to school, the parents can send the leave application of their child online to school authorities and class teacher.
  • The parents can also keep a track of their child's attendance, as the class teacher and the subject teachers prepare it on a daily basis.
  • The Parents-Teachers meet is one of the important aspects so the parents can come to know about the scheduled time and day for the meeting.

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For School:

It supports the school management in the following manner:

  • It can send a daily report relative to studies and co-curricular activities of the particular ward to their parents.
  • Helps in parental involvement with the school authorities
  • Easy conveying of any decisions taken by educational institutes
  • Reaching out with important information, changes in events and schedule, conveying about school holidays and much more.

To sum up, a report by PBS states that nearly 74% of the renowned educators back the use of technology in school organizations. The school communication app not only bridges the gap between parents and schools but also helps students in effective learning.

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