Why Education Sector Is Opting For Paperless Solutions?

06 August 2018

Why Education Sector Is Opting For Paperless Solutions

Do you find it difficult to manage huge volumes of paper?

Does it take you hours to compile a report?

Is excessive physical data interfering with daily processes?

If yes, then you really need to think about going paperless!

Despite countless attempts many organizations worldwide have not been able to go completely paperless. One reason for this may be the incredibly improbable idea of a paperless office. But those who have been successful in reducing paper consumption considerably have benefited greatly from it. Same is the case with institutions, who have put in serious efforts to achieve the paperless goals and hence implemented a proficient education ERP software.

Why is there a need to Go Paperless?

Institutions gain numerous benefits since it reduces -

  • Cost of operation and labour
  • Needless manual operations
  • Workplace stress by smoothing out the workflow
  • Errors, intentional or unintentional mistakes
  • Delays in tasks
  • Risks and potential threats
  • Chances of losing/mislabeling/misplacing data
  • Space requirement for storing physical documents, etc

How Education Management Software Drives Progress By Removing Papers?

Institutional organizations today are seeking ways to go paperless using ERP because it -

  • Simplifies processes

    Digitalization leads to ease of operations by eliminating unnecessary tasks and streamlining every process throughout the institution. Repetition of the same task is strictly avoided thereby saving time and efforts. Simple process means no hectic, no stress and no wastage of resources. Moreover, digital student data can be integrated with many other data sources or digital devices. This facilitates a new level of data processing altogether.

  • Ensures security

    Information on paper is much more vulnerable to potential threats or theft than data stored online. Manipulating, transferring or altering physical student data can be done by anyone without difficulty as there is no restriction on access. On the other hand, data stored in student information management system is safe since it is protected by many layers of security. Also, access is given according to roles, for example, a teacher will have access to only the academic modules and a clerk will have access to only administrative modules. Hence, only a limited amount of data is accessible. Albeit the top level management have can access to every part of the system.

  • Provides real time access

    Any change in the data can be viewed by another member in real time. For instance, a faculty updates marks of students in the college management system then the principal can instantly see the changes. There is no need to wait for manual changes to be made. This facilitates quick action and timely decision making. Staying up to date in real time is a feat made possible only by online data storing.

  • Mitigates risk

    Computerized tasks are error free because all the calculation/processing is done by the system. Also, there is no chance of misplacing, mislabeling or losing important files. Almost 3% of all physical data is filed wrongly and as much as 7.5% is lost. Administration usually tends to spend 3 hours a week searching for documents that have been either misplaced or misfiled. Whereas digital data can be easily organized and quickly located.

  • Generates helpful insights

    An education management software converts raw data into actionable insights. With the help of technology and analytics, data can effortlessly be converted into easy-to-visualize data-driven accurate reports. Dashboards prove to be a repository of key information that has efficicently been segregated. It also highlights the areas for intervention along with predicting future trends.

Hence, institutions must adopt paperless solutions in as many ways as possible.

MasterSoft ERP for higher education digitalizes each and every task hence limits paper consumption effectively. For instance, online admission eliminates paper form, paper receipts, multiple xerox copies of documents, etc. All the tasks related to admissions are carried out by the system, only correct information is to be filled by either the student or the administrative staff. Most of the processes such as, receipt generation, calculation of fees, sorting of documents, etc. are automated.

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