Online Examination System Helping Schools Minimize Disruption to Learning

11 November 2020

Online Examination System Helping Schools Minimize Disruption to Learning

According to the latest estimation of Business World,

“Around $700 million today, the giant edTech market will outbreak all the records and will grow nearly 10 times in the upcoming five years!”

To be honest, that’s not even shocking for me.

I knew that the online transition of educational institutions will head towards making the virtual landscape the “hero”!

Looking at how Covid-19 stirred up a hornet’s nest, anybody could have sensed that.

The educational ERP tools were meant to sell like a hot cake in the market at some point. However, the focal point of concern remains the students’ skill development & better teaching-learning services. And there’s nothing better than school ERP software with an online examination system for maintaining educational continuity as well as keeping a watch on kid’s performance. Even the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) has accepted the positive impact that these e-learning tools can bring to the table.

To help you understand what kind of impact it can bring, I am highlighting the best benefits of online examination management systems…

Benefits of Online Examination Management Systems

A) Pre-and-Post Examination Processes

The scope of online examination management systems & platforms is unlimited.

The simple-to-use navigation of school management software enables teachers to set up question papers easily. They can also upload e-content to boost students’ psyche and help them prepare fully!

You may ask me, what’s the added advantage?

Well, you know that a faculty’s job is tough. On one hand, they manage activities such as exam-related paperwork, student attendance, and on the other, they need to complete the exam syllabus on time.

Isn’t it burning the candle at both ends? This is why the online assessment tool is a savior of time, efforts, and resources as it offers a wide array of features and functionalities.

B) Remote Platform with 24*7 Access

Being digital, tested & robust school ERP software, the online examination management system can be utilized as per the requirement of educational campuses.

Students no longer need to –

  • Visit the exam halls
  • Get their hall tickets printed
  • Write the assessments using pen-paper way

The learning management system (LMS) provides the facility of remote exam conduction & management. The students can be monitored remotely via proctoring techniques & they can use e-learning platforms to write & submit their exams both – descriptive & MCQs.

Thus, it enables kids from all the corners of the globe to participate in the online exams without visiting them physically.

C) Confidentiality & Security

If you are someone who believes that the confidentiality & security of the online exams could be compromised then hold your horses.

This isn’t the case at all!

First of all, the password & user Id identification feature of examination management system sets the stage for highly secured online examinations. Besides that, the schools administrators can create randomized question sets to avoid malpractices during exams. And most importantly, they also get the right to postpone the test or ask students to give a retest whenever required.

D) The Bigger Picture – Improved Student Learning Outcomes

As the faculty can –

  • Create multiple questionnaire
  • Upload e-content in various formats
  • Map & measure the student progress journey
  • Conduct the exams securely online
  • Auto-evaluate the exam & create results
  • Provide students with constructive feedback

Nothing on earth can stop the students from achieving the best learning outcomes!

Seems like boiling the oceans? It ain’t!

So, whether you are aiming to achieve school or college automation or seeking a university examination management system for eradicating the exam-related hassles of university, you can surely go for the software.

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