Top 3 Benefits that Educational Institutes Can Reap by Switching to the cloud Technology

20 Sep 2019

Top 3 Benefits that Educational Institutes Can Reap by Switching to the cloud Technology

In today’s tech-driven environment, conventional four-wall classroom teaching is just not enough to help students excel in terms of their academics as well as personal growth. With the changing dynamics of the education world, it has become crucial for institutes to change their traditional norms and embrace new technology that accelerates the institutional workflow & efficiency so that teachers get ample time to focus on students.

In the myriad of options, ‘Cloud Technology’ is being considered as the ‘King’ owing to the benefits it has to offer to students as well as the entire institution. According to ERP experts, cloud holds tremendous potential to shape the future of the education sector globally, and soon it will. Being an educator, one must start planning their journey to the cloud at the earliest.

Here are the top 3 benefits that educational institutions can reap with the implementation of Cloud-based Campus Management System…

Quick-to-Implement and Update Technology

On the contrary to popular belief about the cloud, it’s extremely quick to implement and update. If you compare the traditional on-premise ERP software with cloud, the first one requires a team of experienced professionals having expertise in software installation. Moreover, its installation is time-consuming, and one needs to monitor the entire system until it functions properly. The same is the case for its updating the software. Educators need to contact the team of ERP vendor and ask someone to visit the institution for updating it.

This is exactly the pain-point where cloud serves as savior. It fixes everything with minimal resources. Cloud operates via the internet, and anyone from the support team can install and update it quickly without having the need to visit the institution. It saves efforts as well as the time of resources and most importantly the costing required for its maintenance in the long run.

Hassle-free Data Accessibility

Data accessibility is the greatest perk of the cloud-based campus automation system. Cloud collects, stores, and saves the institution’s data at a centralized location which the teachers, faculty members, or educators can access and utilize for various purposes. It significantly reduces the workload of teachers by eradicating the practice of manual data entry repeatedly. Teachers can simply update the student’s records whenever needed and just go with the flow. When the workload of non-teaching activities would be less, teachers would get more time to invest in developing new teaching strategies for empowering students. Therefore, educators willing to enhance the student’s performance and institutional productivity must introduce the latest Cloud Education ERP.

Embrace Cloud ERP Technology for Greater Benefits

100% Student Data Security

Student data security is probably the biggest concern of educators because it’s risky for them to lose the personal record of students. As cloud operates via the internet, security concern seems legit. However, the cloud has all the features to stand strong against the odds! With the Cloud ERP Student Information System, educator or admin of the institute gets the facility of providing role-based access to the users. They can limit the information to be shared among the staff of different departments and provide them individual login Ids for accessing it, which in return decreases the chances of data theft and misuse. In addition to this, the cloud system comes with a layered encrypted data transmission facility that provides 100% data security while communication and keeps the intruders at bay.

Key Takeaways

Cloud-based ERP Software proffers smooth data accessibility and minimizes the administrative work hassles of faculty members, does not require significant manpower for its implementation and updates, and gives a sense of data security to institutes who are constantly worried about their vast range of sensitive data. It won’t be wrong to say that the future belongs to the cloud! As an educator, if you are using traditional methods for teaching and managing your institute, it’s high time you make a move towards the cloud.

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