Looking For a Diverse ERP Solution to Run The Institute?

25 May 2019

Looking For a Diverse ERP Solution to Run The Institute?

Be it a school, college, university or a business firm, the amount of information that is to be handled is surplus. Students, teachers, parents, examination, results, funds, payment and what not, but, the education ERP software (Enterprise Resource Planning) makes it a lot easier to deal with.

ERP acts as an exclusive solution for the educational institutions, helping them to improve their standard. ERP is used in many fields but the implementation of ERP in education serves a wide and varied purpose. It contributes largely to the hassle-free running of the campus, thereby maintaining the constant workflow.

Campus Management System - An Ultimate Tool:

The campus management is a wide term and it would take eternity if it were to be done manually. The implementation of education ERP organizes the data and recovers them in time of need.

Starting from the admissions to the placements and the attendance to the transport tracking, it covers the entire life-cycle.

By reducing the workload of the teachers, it allows them to focus more on the growth of the student. It keeps track of the on-goings of the campus and serves as a bridge between the management and the students.

As an ultimate campus management tool, it connects various departments and helps you to view the required information in a single platform.

The students can view the schedules of the events, the availability of books in the library, exam timetable, the results, etc. This ready hand information keeps them well aware of the on-goings of the campus.

The information about students are saved and reports are produced on all aspects (attendance, academic activities, co-curricular/ extra-curricular activities, fees payment, achievements and awards and also disciplinary actions).

It also connects the teachers, students, and parents to interact and clarify doubts and helps them to take better decisions.

Efficient ERP for Paperless Administration!

Benefits of Implementing Education ERP:

  • Improves resource management.
  • Paperless campus management.
  • Efficient administration.
  • Automates payment process.
  • Secured student information system.
  • Initiates online examination and results.
  • Recording of attendance through biometric system.
  • Increases daily productivity.
  • Quality education.
  • Manages campus expenses thus making it cost-effective.
  • Potential for new opportunities.

It helps in building a strong academic institution by ensuring the smooth functioning of the general administration.

The centralized data storage structure reduces the need for time and effort. The choosing of right ERP with the ability to meet the current needs also matters. The ERP itself should not be difficult to use and become a tough task to handle but it should be easily operational and understandable.

MasterSoft here provides an efficient solution and impeccable benefits meeting it’s customer’s needs. It also keeps on evolving day-by-day according to the current trends.

As the quote goes, “ A good ERP is more than just a software”, the implementation of ERP provides an immense amount of profitable development needs with a futuristic vision and mission. Making the institutions move a step ahead towards reaching their goal.

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