7 Ways MasterSoft's Cloud-Based Platform Helps Higher Education Institutions

Higher Education ERP

20, May 2024

Organizational efficiency and hassle-free workflow are central to maintaining the productivity of educational institutes. However, that is hardly the case for schools and colleges that still rely on legacy systems, aka outdated technology.

Basic computerized systems with old mechanisms are inadequate for handling business continuity. Therefore, tools like higher education ERP are the need of the hour as they come with cloud-based technology.

Transform Digital Education With Higher Education ERP System

What is cloud-based technology?

Cloud-based platforms and solutions are modern technologies that allow users to access storage, software, and servers through computers, laptops, smartphones, etc. Furthermore, it enables you to store and access data through the internet instead of a hard drive.

Cloud computing provides greater scalability, which means that your institute can integrate data and expand its operations without any issues. For instance, MasterSoft’s cloud-based ERP software is a robust tool that facilitates smooth functioning and data management.

Higher Education ERP

But how does it help higher educational institutes? Let us find out:

1. Managing student registration

How many students have applied for a particular course or program? Has there been an increase between the previous and present year’s admission rates? Is there a way to track the ongoing enrollment?

These are some of the notable questions that the cloud-based system provides an answer and solution for in the following ways:

  • The system has self-registration abilities that allow students to browse courses, register for classes, and manage their finances accordingly.
  • Institutes can schedule course registrations according to institutional requirements; hence, you can establish course schedules.
  • The automated mechanism allows you to save time and execute multiple processes easily, such as defining a semester and department. Also, it helps you to streamline credit range, course cost, invoices, financial holds, and advisor allotment.
  • You can also track the number of student registrations and their details through multiple statuses, like registered, cancelled, waitlisted, etc.

2. Attendance Management

The integral connection between attendance and student performance is undeniably important; hence the emphasis on maintaining mandatory attendance. Nevertheless, that has not stopped many students from missing classes and failing tests.

You must have noticed that students with low attendance rates struggle academically and require extra help. The best way to help them is to track their attendance with the ERP software, eliminating the manual role-calling system.

Besides, integrating the software with the biometric system and RFID cards allows students to record their presence. On the other hand, the institute and teachers can store and maintain student-related information effortlessly.

As a result, you will be able to identify frequent absentees and at-risk students and prepare appropriate student retention plans. Nevertheless, the timely cooperation of faculty, parents, and administrators is crucial in this aspect.

3. Accurate Financial Management

When it comes to financial transactions, educational institutions strive to maintain accuracy in calculations and related information. Paper-based or outdated mechanisms tend to slow down operations and delay outcomes.

Therefore, it is only fitting that institutes opt to modernise their financial management processes with the help of software. Why? The reason lies in the systematic platform that ensures safe and organized financial transactions through:

  • Customised invoicing features, balance sheet, timesheet, trial balance, etc.
  • Online fee payment facility.
  • Analytical reports that reflect on budgets, expenditures, and investments assist in making informed financial decisions.

Additionally, integration with secure payment gateways guarantees students and parents can make online transactions safely.

4. Monitor student progress

A primary goal of all institutes is to ensure students’s academic success and prepare them for diverse career fields. But you must be aware of how students struggle long after they complete their higher education.

Why? Who is to blame for the instability in their career? The contributing factors to the issue are many; however, institutes play a major role. Hence, it is crucial that they take every possible step to boost their knowledge and skills.

That is where technological solutions can become a perfect companion; for instance, teachers can use higher education ERP to improve teaching and learning habits. Firstly, incorporating learning tools with the software is the initial step, which simplifies instructional approaches.

Secondly, you can assess the learning requirements and gaps and implement suitable pedagogies. Moreover, you can conduct assessments, grade them conveniently without manual intervention, and monitor their ongoing progress.

Additionally, obtaining scores and creating progress reports and report cards is easy and takes less time. Also, you can analyse the performance of individual students and determine their weak and strong areas.

5. Improved Student Outcomes

The system provides reporting and analytical features, giving insight into students’s performance, attendance, and assignment completion rates. You can obtain monthly and weekly reports, which help determine the overall students' progress.

Therefore, you can determine whether they have made any improvements in particular areas and identify their shortcomings. Consequently, you can develop an action plan that will address the student’s weak areas.

Hence, they will be able to make steady and gradual improvements and achieve learning outcomes, ensuring their success in the future.

6. Streamlined Communication

The impact of miscommunication or a lack of accurate information is severe and disastrous, affecting the workflow. Besides, it is imperative for institutes to establish a continuous and effective network between all stakeholders.

The ERP software provides the perfect solution through an interconnected network, helping you to send and receive information conveniently. What’s more, you can use the messaging, email, and notification features to send updates.

Be it the impending fees, exam schedule, formative assessments (in-class tests), or other scholastic events, parents and students remain in the loop. Furthermore, teachers can send updates regarding students's academic progress to parents accordingly.

Teachers can also use the platform to communicate with students one-on-one and provide real-time feedback. As a result, it will give them an opportunity to share their doubts and get clarity, improving their learning approaches.

7. Cost-Effective

The ed-tech space is thriving, thanks to the increase in demand for technological solutions to meet global educational demands. New and modern tools emerge with every passing year; however, budgetary constraints are a major concern for many institutes.

Fortunately, cloud-based systems operate on a subscription-based model; hence, you can integrate or scale up according to institutional needs. Therefore, it eliminates any large investments; instead, you can integrate necessary tools like the learning management system.

How Learning Management Software Reshapes Education?

Why? Because timely and appropriate integrations ensure enhanced learning experiences for students.

Why is MasterSoft’s cloud-based platform the No. 1 choice for most institutes?

MasterSoft’s cloud-based platform is an innovative piece of software that has been designed to optimise institutional operations and ensure academic achievement. It has made a distinctive mark in the education-technology space because of:

  • Cloud adaptability that provides a centralised platform and effective student data management.
  • Highly scalable software.
  • Portal for student grievances.
  • Analytical reports on academic activity and student behavior.

Bottom Line,

Balancing institutional efficiency and improving student learning outcomes is challenging, especially when you rely on outdated mechanisms and tools. MasterSoft’s cloud-based software is an ideal system that enhances student learning through its varied modern features.

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