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07, April 2021

“Examination” & “Evaluation” - these are the two most important factors that contribute towards “Excellence” in a students’ academic journey.

A transcript is a document that gives proof of a student’s educational qualifications. It contains a thorough record of all the subjects studied by the students along with their scores in the form of marks or grades given by the institutes where students have completed the course.

Right from school to completing graduation from a college or university, a student needs to maintain their academic record along with taking care of skills development. In the process of completing education to getting ready for a career-

  • Every certificate counts.
  • Every grade card counts.
  • Every “transcript of records” counts.

In fact, if you ask me what is the most crucial document required to make a smooth transition from schools to colleges & universities – I’d say it’s the transcripts for schools, colleges, and universities respectively!

Don’t have a clue on “what is a transcript?”

This blog will simplify the concept of transcripts & their importance for students as well as educational institutions.

Let us understand the concept of the transcript of records for schools & colleges.

What is a Transcript of Records?

The Transcript of Records (ToR) shows the list of courses taken, the exams or tests you passed, and the credits you earned. In the Transcript of Records, you can find the title of the courses, course duration, grade, and the credit points you have gained by passing the exam.

Also referred to as "academic records", the Transcript of Records (ToR) is an official & authentic document that specifies the students’ academic achievements.

The academic achievements include the semesters, courses, and examinations successfully cleared by the students during their school, college, and university:

  • To apply for colleges, a transcript of records from schools is required
  • A transcript of records from colleges is required for university application
  • A transcript for university application may be required for higher studies

The crux is – As a student, you need to present the Transcript of Records as a part of the application process as proof of your academic achievements & successfully completed courses in the past.

How Does a Transcript of Records Look Like?

Well, the pattern or format of the transcript may vary depending upon the type of school, college, or university. However, in the transcript, you will find a summary of the following elements -

  • Name of students/college
  • The academic courses/semesters
  • Name of the courses/semesters
  • Time or duration of the courses/semesters
  • CGPA, grades, or credits obtained in the examination
  • Stamp of the institution
  • Signature of authority

What is the Need for the Transcripts?

As I mentioned earlier, transcripts are required to complete the application process of admissions in schools, colleges, and universities – nationally & internationally!

They are considered to be the “hallmark of authenticity” when it comes to the background check of any candidate.

Thus, students must preserve the transcripts for future endeavors.

Difference between a “Transcript” and “Degree”

Due to the nature of both transcript and a degree, it is quite normal for anyone to get confused between them.

Well, they fulfill the same purpose of displaying the academic track record.

However, the way of presentation of the achievements is different.

The transcript records are a compilation or you can say a summary of all the mark sheets & certificates. It contains all the marks/credits information on a single document. Whereas a degree just depicts the degree program completed by the student.

Key Advantages of Transcripts of Records (ToR)

The following list depicts the key advantages of the transcript of records (ToR).

#1: Transfer to a New School

Transcript for school is essential while getting transferred to a new school. The transcript enables the school administrator to check whether the students can enroll in the classes. The credits can also be transferred when a candidate switches to a new school.

#2: College Admission Application

The transcript of records for college enables the educators to evaluate the eligibility of a candidate who has applied for college admission. It allows them to extract all the required information from one single document instead of verifying a multitude of documents & certificates.

#3: Career & Placements

Some placement agencies and companies have made it mandatory for students to bring their transcripts during the interview process. It allows them to have a look at their academic records and select them for the desired job role.

Eligibility for Availing the Transcript

Be it transcripts for school, college, or university - students who have failed the examinations during an academic year won’t be eligible to apply for the transcripts. Transcripts are only granted to students who pass the examination with no backlog.

Checklist for Ensuring an Authentic Transcript

The transcript process is simple. Students need to apply for it to the school, college, or university once they pass the examinations. Students who have applied for the transcript need to verify the following details on receiving the transcript of records.

  • Name of the candidate
  • Date of issue
  • Examination details with the year of passing
  • Signature of the authority
  • Stamp of the educational institution

These fields are the most imperative ones. If any of these fields have wrong data or missing information, students need to make another request stating the problems. Otherwise, it may create a barrier in the application process for further education. An immediate request and a follow-up can help students obtain the authentic transcript.

How Institutions Can Utilize ERP System to Provide Authentic Transcripts to Students?

Creating transcripts for students is a hectic task for any educational organization. From adding marks, year of passing examination, credits, to courses, schools & colleges need to take care of the correct data entry.

In a nutshell, the paperwork required to create a transcript is time & effort-consuming.

As an educational institution, you may opt for a school management system, college management system, or a university management system that enables you to store the students’ academic data at a centralized location and save your time by automating the transcripts process.

For example, if you run a school, the school management system will extract the required information from the student database and help you create a transcript. You don’t need to search for the student data spending hours. It could be done with mere clicks.

An educational ERP system ensures 100% accuracy of information along with maintaining any format of your choice.

Need more details? Get in touch with my team of ERP professionals today!

FAQ’s On Transcript of Record


Transcript of record is a collection of documents containing course units taken, exams passed and credits gained over the tenure of your education.

Students need a Transcript of Records when they want to attend a college or university abroad and they are required to provide it to the admission committee.

You can contact the college or university or fill the form online requesting for the transcript.

Store, manage and retrieve all the academic transcript of records with MasterSoft’s Student Management System.

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