Importance of CRM System for Higher Education Institutions

Higher Education CRM

09, December 2021

In recent years, there have been several changes in the ways of operating in Higher Education Institutes. There is a strong wave of digitization that has been creating an impact in the management styles, teaching methods, and educating the students. The institutes need automation in their processes; skill-based learning methods and better communication to maintain high standards of education.

Further, the NEP 2020 is focused on reaching more students and offering them education remotely. This creates a need for digital infrastructures such as a student management system, advanced admission and enrollment process, and online examination for high Concurrency of students.

The CRM for higher education is involved in communicating and managing the activities of alumni, prospective students, and stakeholders. Institutes have now begun to offer diverse courses and programs online. This will help the students to learn new skills and gain knowledge. Hence, to create awareness regarding the new courses, the institutes have to promote them to prospective candidates.

This is where the Higher Education CRM Systems comes into play.

What is CRM in Higher Education System?

A Customer Relationship Management system is software used to automate and handle communication with potential students, teachers, faculty members, donors, and investors. It stores large amounts of customer information such as student’s name, gender, degree, age, educational background, contact information, and other relevant data.

This tool is used to send personalized emails and customized messages to the students regularly. All of this communication is tracked on the Higher Education system.

Importance of CRM System for Higher Education Institutes

  • Increases Speed of Operations
  • The institutes regularly inform and remind the candidates about their courses and programs. They are required to communicate through emails, phone calls, or messages to a large number of students regularly. This is a highly time-consuming and tedious activity for the employees of the institute.

    A Higher Education CRM system helps the institutes to automate the entire process. Institutes just have to draft a general email regarding the information they want to convey. The system picks the contact information from the previously stored data and sends personalized emails and messages to the students. This reduces the efforts required by institutes for promotions.

  • Offers real-time data
  • The system gives real-time information about the response they have received after sending emails or messages. It gives data about the number of students who have replied, applied for the course, tried to contact through phone, or unsubscribed from the list. They can also understand the medium through which the students are responding to focus on the same one for enhanced results.

    It helps to analyze the data and understand patterns based on location, gender, and other aspects. The marketing can be improved with these reports. It also aids the institute to reach the students in better, optimized ways.

  • Automation of Tasks
  • The automation of processes helps the institute to make sure that every inquiry, question, and interaction is answered and documented. In this way, the institute never forgets or delays in replying to the student. It makes sure that the tasks are assigned to every employee equally.

    Higher Education CRM further helps the institute in keeping a track record of the conversation with the potential student. In this way, they understand where the students are facing problems. The CRM gives notifications for the follow-up date, time, and medium of the student. Also, it enables tracking of the employee’s performance over a period of time.

  • Enables Tracking
  • Tracking helps to understand the status of the email sent to the student. It involves time, date, medium, email content, time of opening the mail if the student has visited the website, and their response. The tracking feature gives an idea about a student’s interest or disinterest in the course or institute.

    It enables the institute to make strategies for marketing the courses in an optimized way. It gives an idea about the number of clicks on every email and message. The system further guides the institute in allocating marketing budgets in a better way for effective campaigns.

  • Builds Alumni Relationship
  • Higher Education CRM helps the institute in keeping track of the students that have passed from the college. The student’s records for placements, internships, research, and entrepreneurship are stored. Further, it has the contact information and other data about the alumnus.

    The institutes communicate with them using emails and maintain the relationship. An alumnus is likely to offer donations and investments in the college in times of need. They can bring more opportunities for the institute.

  • Manages Student Life cycle
  • CRM is useful in managing the student’s complete lifecycle in the institute. It includes everything beginning from the student’s application to the academic record. The data is stored in the system with high security.

    The information can be accessed easily using search and locate options in the system. This helps the institute to give necessary guidance to the students throughout their academic life.


CRM for higher education plays an important role in the automation of the institute’s communication and processes. It helps them to connect with the interested and talented students who are seeking courses and programs based on their interests, affordability, and other parameters. Also, it reduces the manual tedious processes and improves the efficiency of the employees working there.

How does MasterSoft help in Customer Relationship Management?

MasterSoft is a highly trusted ERP solution provider helping over 2000 institutes across the globe with smooth management and student learning. We offer solutions for all the institute’s processes beginning from accreditation data management to payroll handling. The software is highly secure and innovative.

The CRM system for Higher Education by MasterSoft is a technologically advanced system that enables easy communication between the institute and prospective clients (students, teachers). The system is user-friendly and does not require the user to have advanced technical skills.

The software protects the user’s data and the candidate’s information. The solution is hosted on a cloud platform that offers safe backup options.

CRMs enable effective communication with prospective students. To know more, Book a Demo!

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