What benefits does CBCS have to offer the Faculty Members?

13 January 2020

How Time Table Management System Helps Schools

If you look back in the past several decades, you’d recognize that there was a trend of sending their children to foreign countries for studying. Once the schooling of students is done, parents used to admit their kids to foreign universities. This trend was channelized merely due to the incompetent education quality in India where you’d have found-

  • Same syllabus being passed on to generations
  • Same teaching methodologies
  • Same way of grading

Fearing such negative outlook might take a toll on kid’s careers; Indian parents generated the formula of acquiring rich rewards & success that involved saying bid adieu to the kid as soon as the schooling gets over.

Even though teaching is considered as “white-collar” profession in India, teachers of this country & the education system has always been criticized for their old teaching methodologies. Taking the issue seriously, the University Grants Commission (UGC) took the leadership role & introduced the concept of Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) that has numerous benefits to offer not just to students but also teaching staff & faculty members. In this article, we will be discussing the benefits of CBCS for the faculty members. Before that, let me summarize the entire concept of CBCS for you.

  • Students can make a choice of subjects & faculty
  • Interdepartmental learning
  • Courses - Core, Elective, and Ability enhancement courses
  • Credits are given to all courses
  • Grade evaluation and assessment are done by counting credits earned by students.

Maximize Student Learning Outcomes with CBCS

Key Benefits of CBCS System for the Faculty

The following list depicts the benefits of CBCS for the faculty.

  • Flexibility in Designing Curriculum

    Unlike the conventional education system, the CBCS system provides a refreshing opportunity to the teachers where they can design & plan the entire syllabus and curriculum as per their convenience. However, they need to ensure that their curriculum falls under the guidelines prescribed by the UGC. Alongside that, they have the full authority to develop a syllabus that would benefit the students & enhance their skills for fulfilling career goals.

  • Set Evaluation Parameters for Examination

    Teachers can decide the credits being given on the successful completion of courses. The credits will be comprised of Lecture (L), Practical (P), and the marks obtained in the theory or written examination (T).

  • Improved Teaching-Learning Process

    Owing to the changes in curriculum, teachers get the freedom to execute new learning methodologies that would help the new-gen students to learn in a better & precise way. They can arrange quizzes, seminars, and other activities that would help the students develop their minds. Innovation in teaching will surely bring a transformative change in learning too! It will completely eradicate the old-famous technique of –mugging up the concept & passing the exam.

  • Less Assessment Burden on Teachers

    As grading pattern has changed to the credit system, and evaluation parameters are set at the beginning when the students opt for their desired courses, teachers don’t need to get worried about assessment. As the student earns credit, assessment is being done automatically. Everything depends on the student progression level. Teachers have no role to play in that! And by the implementation of a student management system, even this process of calculating credits can be automated & simplified!

    In a nutshell, the CBCS system has tremendous potential for shaping a new India altogether! To multiply its benefits, educators can opt for CBCS supporting school management software. Right from helping students to register for different courses, designing curriculum, to evaluating credits & assessment marks, it can streamline all the work-processes of school.

    To know more about how educational ERP software can maximize the advantages of CBCS for your school, do get in touch with our team today!

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