Increase Student Enrollment Rate With Lead Management System

13 May 2019

Increase Student Enrollment Rate With Lead Management System

Despite the increasing number of jobs and the consequent need to enroll in professional degrees, educational institutes are finding it difficult to achieve their target enrollment rates.

There are various reasons for low enrollment rates. Educational institutes do not have proper insights of leads. It is also very difficult to keep track of all leads manually. This leads to aging and leaking of leads.

To resolve these issues and increase enrollment rates, institutes can implement lead management software. The lead management system automates all the processes that are involved in the conversion of a lead into a student.

Here’s how you can use the lead management system to achieve your enrollment rate goals:

Campaign Management

Institutes can manage several campaigns at once with the lead management system. Instead of focusing on just one type of campaign, you can run multiple campaigns like email marketing, AdWords, SMS marketing, calling, etc.

This helps institutes to target more potential students. Initially, you can send emails to leads and then based on their reception you can call them.

The lead management system provides meaningful insights which allow the institute to send customized emails to leads to a particular area rather than a standard mail.

Institutes can keep track of the campaign and its effectiveness. They can also evaluate the return of investment with the campus management system.

Lead capture automation

As mentioned above, the student inquiry management system automates all lead generation activities. This helps institutes create an extensive lead database.

The lead management system automatically manages lead information and helps you process the lead for further nourishment. This helps prevent the leaking of leads.

Institutes can track the source of lead that helps them gain insights about the effectiveness of the campaign. Institutes can review areas where most of the leads are originating from and the areas from which few leads are coming in. With this information, authorities can make the necessary changes in the campaign and even take the appropriate decisions.

Capture, Engage & Convert Leads Succesfully!

Lead Nourishment

After capturing leads, gather information about the prospective student. In today’s digital age this is very easy to do through social media and other platforms. To save time, staff should have a comprehensive report containing all the details about the lead.

The student enrollment management system tracks any lead activity on the institute’s website such as the time spent by the lead on the website, the number of times the website was opened, etc. with these insights you can make informed decisions. You also get alerts and notifications when leads take any action.

The system automatically allocates leads according to the parameters customized by you. These parameters could be based on region, preference, stream, etc. to ensure maximum engagement, the system sends auto-triggered messages for important events and deadlines.

Lead closure

Find out and engage the aging leads. Furthermore, send them useful content for eg., videos, testimonial, etc. Gently urge students to take admission in your Institute.

The system automatically closes the converted leads to stop alerts. It also transfers student data from the lead management module to the admission module. This reduces the manual workload on the staff and saves times and resources.

Thus, the lead management system aids institutes in all steps of the student enrollment process. This helps Institutes in achieving their target student enrollment rates.

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