5 Things to Consider When Choosing Higher Education ERP

14 September 2017

5 Things to Consider When Choosing Higher Education ERP

Education software is must for an educational institution, may it be a school or higher education institution. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is software that plays a vital role. This software is capable of performing various important tasks once implemented. A higher education ERP reduces the monotonous pattern of the day to day activities of the institution and also keeps track of the things that are important both to the institute and the students.

Every educational institute must possess the higher education software as it helps the institute to manage the various education processes, keep track of student activities, inform them about the various initiatives, stay in touch with their parents to track their progress, and works in real-time. The software provides accurate and real time data for effective management. It can be bent to work as per the requirement of the institution.

However, when the institute decides to opt for the education software, it blindly trusts the market. The market is full of dealers offering the software for college & university management system. The institute needs to understand its needs first and then select the best suited education ERP. It is a short process. It can be tiring but is effective in the long run.

Factor to Consider While Choosing Higher Education ERP

Be reason specific

An education institute needs to be reason specific as to why it needs a transition to start using education software. Also the institute needs to make sure that when an ERP is implemented its goals will be met and target achieved. Be specific about the same keeping the perspective of both teachers and the students in the mind.


An ERP must have all the features which can fulfill the requirement of education institution. Always select the ERP that meets your needs first and then offers additional features. This will add up to definitely an increased exposure but also will make the institute aware of the additional amendments it can make in its everyday activities.


Data security is a crucial factor for any higher education institution. The data entered by the students and the staff alike should not be accessible to the third party. This feature is most important and every institute realizes the same. It is hence the need of the hour to maintain security to avoid future mishaps.

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The ERP must have the features to customize it according to need of the university or college. Also the software must be open to new changes. It must be able to integrate new simple, user-friendly features as per the need.


The selected ERP must offer emergency as well as general 24 hours support for seven days. It must also include data backup and recovery to avoid the eleventh hour frustration. The software must also upgrade self easily, with minimum complications.

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