Why online attendance management software is beneficial for schools?

10 June 2017

online attendance system

There are schools where all attendance related work is done on paper i.e. the whole session attendance is stored in register and at the end of the session, the reports are generated. It makes the daily attendance a very weary task for the faculties. To overcome with such old-fashioned processes, there are various software applications for attendance to speed up and make attendance process easy. Online attendance management system or e-attendance is one of them.

Online Attendance Management System is an application developed for student’s daily attendance in school. It helps to maintain the accurate record and generate summarized student attendance report for the students by applying various criteria.

How Online Attendance System Works?

On entering specified URL, it opens the screen with menus - Home page, About Us, Contact, User Manual, and School Registration.

Administrator or authorized person from the school will go for ‘School Registration’ and on registration; it generates user name and password and send to user through SMS and Email. User will have to log in through this user name and password for attendance. Links will be provided to the user as per requirement.

Download and then upload the Excel sheet where student’s details would be filled in specified format. Students will be registered in bulk.

Master entries such as country master, state master, city master, holiday master, class master, and division master will be done.

Faculty registration will be done. On registration, username and password will be generated and will also be sent through SMS and Email. Subjects will be allotted to faculties. Also, classes will be allotted to the faculties.

After all the detailing, it starts attendance marking. For the Sundays and defined holidays, relevant message will be displayed. Mark the attendance by click of mouse for each student. Go on clicking till user gets the desired status. Lock the attendance.

Leave application facility is also provided. It is provided for both type of users i.e. faculty as well as student. Reflection can be seen while taking the attendance for that particular date i.e. student will be marked as ‘L’ on the particular date. Along with this, homework creation facility is also provided and its details will be sent on respective email accounts. The reports that can be generated are - student wise attendance, day wise attendance, class wise attendance, month wise class attendance etc

Paperless Attendance Management with ERP

Why Online Attendance Management System?

The objective of Online Attendance Management System is to go with computerized system, instead of old-fashioned manual process. As compared to manual process, online system easily helps management to analyze student’s attendance details as per requirement. Along with this, it provides summarized attendance report very quickly at any point of time.


  • User Friendly: User interface is very easy. Data storing and recovery is fast and secured. In addition, application is provided with graphical representation for easier interpretation and analysis.
  • Reports are easily generated: Various reports such as Student wise attendance, Day wise attendance, Class wise attendance, Month Wise Class Attendance etc can be easily generated. Current and back-dated reports can be available instantly.
  • No paperwork and no risk of errors which can be occurred while marking the attendance manually.


  • A simple online application designed for all attendance requirements
  • Capable to store up maximum records
  • Fully compatible - needs only internet connection compatible

The online attendance management system has been built to eliminate the time and effort wasted in taking attendances. It is software that fulfills the requirement of the system for which it has been developed. The system has reached at such a level where all bugs have been eliminated and operated efficiently.

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