Get Hold of the Falling Retention Rate with Online Admission Software

26 March 2020

What are the features of Alumni Management software?

The hustle to ensure successful admission is quite underrated. Higher Ed institutions have to adhere to the given checklist to pull off the admission procedure successfully -

  • Check a massive number of application forms
  • Scrutinize the necessary documents
  • Collect registration fees
  • Shortlisting of meritorious students
  • Collecting admission fees
  • Keeping a record of student details & fees

It requires efforts, time, and perseverance to fill the bill. Sadly, due to the outbreak of COVID-19 across the globe, the routine life of a common man has been disturbed including educators & students. Speaking of the students, their biggest concern, at this moment is –

Will they be able to continue their education?

How can they enroll & complete their admission procedure?

While everyone prays for the healing & overcoming of the epidemic, it is important for educators to ensure that there’s no break in students’ education despite the adversities. Education is a priority for the well-being of a nation and it must go on.

To help you get hold of the falling retention rate & control the factors that are taking a toll over your educational institution, we are sharing a few tips by which you can maximize student retention with online admission software.

Here’s how online admission software can improve student retention without causing any health risks to students & educators...

1. Stay Connected & Address the Needs of Students

As the name suggests, online admission software enables you to conduct the admission process online. You don’t need to ask students and faculty to coordinate by visiting the campus. Just stay focused on ensuring a smooth transition and upload all the details of what is expected out of students on the online portal. Be it a discussion forum or a personalized chat option, have an active communication channel from which both sides can stay in touch.

2. Give the Provision to Send Applications Online

Every institution has its working parameters & standards. Regardless of how many applications it receives, the institution has to filter out the top ones that match their standards. They have the full right to accept or reject them. Similarly, every student dreams of studying in a certain institution where he/she will get certain facilities. Students also have the right to apply for admissions in multiple institutions of their choice across the globe.

However, students need to visit the institutions personally, fill-in their application and submit the forms consecutively. With the aid of an online admission ERP system, students & faculty can skip the entire episode. The students get the provision to send applications online & institutions get the liberty to filter them out directly by automating the procedure.

Leverage Education ERP for Continuous Education

3. Verify the Documents & Collect the Registration Fees Online

The next step after filtering out the best fit for the institution is verifying the documents of students. The documents need to be authentic & original. As you know, the news of students getting caught by submitting fake documents is quite common, the key aim of this step is to ensure best practices & eliminate the risk of such fraudulent activities. The Higher Ed ERP Software for admissions enables students to attach their original documents digitally & helps faculty in verifying the documents of pupils.

To provide further support to the educators, education ERP integrated with the online fee collection system acts as a salvager. It offers support to both the K12 faculty & students by creating a cashless yet secured space.

4. Simplify the journey

After winding up the initial responsibilities, teachers can create a final merit list & ask students to submit the admission fees online by the same online portal that they have had used while registration. Automated emails reflecting the details can be sent in the series.

Some parents constantly stay in a stressful mode thinking – Is digital payment safe?

Here, I want to clarify that E-payment is undoubtedly safe. We must cooperate instead of panicking. After all, cashless e-payment is the need of the hour!

To Sum Up

Leveraging edTech efficiently is the best thing to do at this moment. Therefore, providing K12 faculty, students, and parents with online admission ERP software, operating on a secured cloud platform that allows them to effectively communicate, engage, and perform admission online should be at the heart of the educator’s vision.

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Mustak Ahmed

Mustak Ahmed,
Partner Manager India Sales

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