How Can You Streamline Admission Process with College ERP?

12 April 2019

How Can You Streamline Admission Process with College ERP?

Does your college still use the conventional admission management system?

Does it really need an online admission management system?

With changing times, it’s always better to upgrade your institute and the way it works. This not just proves advantageous, in numerous ways, to your institute but also helps you to stay on top of your competition and serve your students and parents better.

The admission process is extensive and time-consuming. However, it is also an important process for obvious reasons. Handling large volumes of data during admission can be a cumbersome and tedious task.

Nonetheless, handling huge data is essential and requires special measures as this student information once stored, would be used for a long time. Since even the smallest mistake can lead to acute consequences, data must be managed meticulously.

An online admission management system eliminates all kinds of human errors and mistakes by automated operations. All the processes are carried out online which further reduces the time consumption and workload of staff and management.


The first step in the admission process is the acquiring of brochures by potential leads. Instead of printing out hundreds of brochures and losing resources, students can fill up forms with their details and pay the brochure fee. After the payment is complete, students can download the brochure and access it from any location. This saves the assets of the institution considerably.

Interested students can fill out forms online along with their details. These forms can be obtained and submitted online, making them accessible to anyone with a web connection.

The college ERP also has a lead management system which nurtures potential leads. It sends auto-triggered personalized messages to interested students. The tools in the lead management system alert authorities of activities that might lead to admissions.

Another added feature is that the system stores previous conversations with leads so administrators know the steps they need to take in order to convert the lead.

The ERP organizes information of all the students who have applied and generates a merit list based on predefined criteria of the institute. Faculties no longer need to manually create merit lists, which gives them the time to focus on other pivotal tasks.

The merit list is displayed on the system where everyone can view it easily. This eliminates the need for long queues in college when merit lists are displayed. Thus, enrollment management system facilitates easy and streamlined pre-admission processes.

Automate & Simplify Admissions with Online ERP


Once students are selected for admission in a particular college, they can fill up more detailed forms online and the admission management software stores this data on a centralized platform automatically. Administrative staff can benefit from this as they no longer need to do manual data entry of all the students.

Cloud-based admission management system further aids you in securing your precious student information. Firstly, the data can be accessed from any location as long as the user has appropriate login credentials. Secondly, the student data is also highly secured with multiple layers of security. Thirdly, a user can only access a specific amount of information based on their role and the institute hierarchy!

The information flows smoothly across various departments, which in turn discards data redundancy and rework. For eg. when a student fills up the admission form, the information is synced across all the departments such as hostel, sports, library, transportation, etc.

Thus manual work pressure on staff is eliminated.

As forms are available online, students residing in different states can complete this process from their homes or from anywhere, and avoid travel expenses.

The next process is of fee payment. It is unsafe and inconvenient for parents to carry large amounts of cash to the college to pay the fees. To ease, and secure fee collection process, the online admission management system is integrated with an online fee portal. Feepayr is one such portal.

Fee portals are integrated with multiple payment methods and wallets. Parents can choose any medium that is convenient to them. They can transfer the money from their account to the Institute’s account directly through a fee portal. Another advantage of using a fee portal is that the payment can be done from anywhere and at any time.

College management system thus makes the fee payment process secure and smooth.

Using the student management system, faculty can produce enrollment numbers in bulk. The enrollment numbers can be created by using predetermined rules set by the college administrative authorities.

In conclusion, every task involved in the admission and enrollment process is automated with a college ERP. Furthermore, all the processes take place in a single, centralized ERP that makes things easy to manage and operate. Thus, college ERP software streamlines the admission process, increases efficiency, and eases the flow of operations.

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