Why MASP School Recognition Is Helpful?

Why MASP School Recognition Is Helpful In 2020?

05, April 2021

Microsoft – a giant in the tech sector!

Microsoft Aspire School Program (MASP) – an ambitious, path-breaking suite that brings “learning to life” in a K-12 institution.

A MASP school – a school that has enrolled for the Aspire School Program and gained access to the comprehensive set of innovative technologies, solutions, and devices that the MASP suite offers.

Last year, when most schools were required to bring all in-person, physical activities to a halt, the “online” option proved to be a life-saver. It’s been more than a year - 2021 has arrived but the situation is still not in control.

And therefore, schools still need to keep walking the digital space.

While most schools have learned to manage the e-learning practices, some are still finding it difficult to handle the new role thrust upon them!

Parents & students dissatisfied with the new setup, inability to provide quality education, negative impact on the reputation of the institution - These are some of the challenges educators are facing.

If you are also facing such challenges, MASP schools can help you cope with and overcome the many trials. As an educator, here are some good reasons to seek MASP School recognition...

#1: Reputation of the Institution

Getting your name and logo listed on the Microsoft Education website is a feather in your cap.

The pandemic may have brought with it a series of educational disruptions. But your school can still thrive through such a phase.

MASP recognition implies more genuine prospects to your school website, more trust in your school brand, an acknowledgment that your school has got what it takes to give students a complete education that will make them both skill-equipped and life-ready.

#2: Holistic Approach towards Education

While every school brochure markets its school as being holistic in approach, MASP schools find it easier to walk the talk. The tools that a MASP school has access to are ideal for sparking the students’ curiosity and imagination and nurturing critical thinking.

EdTech tools such as Outlook Calendar and Web App help students develop a sense of connectedness with the larger learner-teacher community. Newsfeed can be leveraged to stay in touch with useful contacts, conduct independent research, and network.

Yammer is another great tool in the Microsoft 365 package that helps with networking for work and gives opportunities for tapping into collective knowledge. Word, Excel, Power-Point, and OneNote are perfect for teamwork and collaboration.

#3: Best Teacher-Student Communication Platform

Inappropriate communication is a major lacuna in the digital education landscape.

Remote learning takes on a whole new meaning when done via the Microsoft Aspire Program.

Microsoft Teams, Skype, and Instant Messenger permit the educator or student to invite guest speakers from afar. Sway allows for more connections and the sharing of interactive reports and presentations. The comprehensive nature of the MASP suite ensures that no aspect of online teaching-learning is neglected.

Through the pandemic, educators and students undergoing emotional distress and anxiety were comforted hugely by the reliable & personalized school communication apps of the MASP Microsoft Education program.

Word, Excel, Power-Point, and OneNote are perfect for teamwork and collaboration. With so much interactivity and creativity online, both teachers & students can enjoy the distance learning experience.

#4: Streamlining Administrative & Non-Administrative Tasks

EdTech has given valuable insight into how schools can navigate the field of online education. However, MASP takes care of more than just online learning. MASP Pro, MASP Skies, and MASP-CSMS ensure that fee payment is on track.

Smart report cards are generated by MASP-CSMS. MASP Skies automates online admissions, fees management, and notifications. CSMS (Centralized School Management System), which is part of the MASP Suite, is a one-stop cloud-based school education ERP that automates student, faculty, and school administration life cycles.

By taking care of administrative & non-administrative tasks, the MASP-CSMS frees educators from the loop of repetitive work-related to daily student attendance, online admissions, fee payments, and report card preparation. Teachers need time to be creative. They need the energy to make their lessons interactive, engaging, inspiring, and fun. This program makes it easy.

#5: Webinars for Professional Development

The MASP schools have taken the initiative to invest in the professional development of their teachers and students. “Information technology in classrooms” happens to be one of the most sought-after areas of study in these years for obvious reasons. The MASP Suite offers webinars for teachers and students. The Microsoft Empowered Teacher Sessions are conceived to impart knowledge and skills related to the use of collaboration tools in the classroom, content creation, and more.

The Microsoft Student Associate Engagement consists of webinars on productivity tools, big data, the Internet of Things, etc. When taught ICT by the best in the field, students and teachers benefit beyond measure. Thus, for parents and all other external stakeholders in schools, a MASP school is a trusted institution.

Become A MASP School

For details on how to apply for the Microsoft Aspire Program, educators can contact Ms. Janki Somani at email Id: janki.somani@iitms.co.in

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