MasterSoft CSMS is now part of Microsoft Aspire School Program (MASP)

What is MASP?

Microsoft Aspire School Program (MASP) is an innovative program developed to enrich school campuses with state-of-the-art solutions & create a positive learning impact for accelerating student success. By providing access to the latest technology & advanced teaching-learning resources, this pioneer program by Microsoft aims at promoting the vision of thought leaders in the education industry of enriching student learning outcomes.

By adopting the program, K12 educators can redefine the classroom experience with tools and prepare future-ready students, teachers, and campuses.

Microsoft and MasterSoft Collaboration

Microsoft and MasterSoft Collaboration

To transform the learning environment in Indian schools & take a step ahead in providing quality education by leveraging highly secured cloud technology, Microsoft - the leading player in the tech industry has collaborated with the largest & oldest edTech provider – MasterSoft ERP Solutions. MasterSoft’s CSMS tool has been successfully integrated with the MASP Suite.

MASP CSMS is an integrated cloud-based ERP solution for the automation of academic & non-academic processes. This comprehensive, robust, and time-tested ERP solution automates all the lifecycles - Student, Faculty, and Administration & helps in achieving maximum institutional productivity.

Product Features

Online Teaching-learning Sessions

Microsoft conducts 4 ICT curriculum-based webinars for students & 2 training sessions for faculty empowerment every month.

  • Themes for Student Sessions Include - Productivity tools such as Office 365, Yammer, Windows Apps, Microsoft Azure Concepts, Big Data, IoT, gaming, etc.
  • Themes for Teacher Sessions Include - Learning tools & technology for the 21st century, content creation, coding, cloud Azure, IoT, etc.
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Office 365


Windows 10




Gamified Learning


Intune for Education


Online Learning Sessions

Interested in MASP?

Benefits of Becoming a MASP School

K12 schools can reap the following benefits by becoming a Microsoft-powered school!

PR Benefits

Team Microsoft ensures quality services & continuous assistance for successful marketing of your educational institution.

  • Gain access to marketing PR & Assets
  • Earn the recognition of being a Microsoft Aspire School
  • School name & logo listing on Microsoft Education Website


Educational ERP embedded with e-learning tools & the following features to provide an immersive learning experience.

  • Highly Secured Cloud-based ERP
  • Streamlines Academic & Non- Academic Processes
  • Automation of all Life Cycles: Student, Faculty & Administration for better efficiency
  • Smart Mobile App Integration – Atcovation for Improved Parental Engagement

Enrich Learning Outcomes & Prepare Future-Ready Students

Advanced tools designed for modernizing schools with better IT efficiency, teacher-student collaboration & enhanced learning outcomes.

  • Access to Office 365 & Microsoft Imagine, Windows 10 upgrades at Zero-Cost
  • Minecraft: Gamified Platform for promoting STEM learning, creativity & innovation
  • Microsoft Intune for Achieving Digital Transformation & Ensuring Data Security
  • Online Sessions for Empowering Teachers & Students