SMS © - School Management System

SMS - School Management System is an e-Governance ERP for computerization of all Administrative activities of any School / group of Schools. SMS is developed by Master software Group, Nagpur established in 1995 & dedicated to Education domain with clientele of 1200 + Colleges & Schools, provides secured, accurate & timely information to School Users at all levels for better decision making, minimizes the manual work & improves efficiency. SMS supports various modern technologies such as - On Line Payment Gateway, Smart Phone, SMS & Email alters, RFID smart cards & bio-metric etc. It has following main modules.

School Management System features

  • SMS© ERP - Connects all: Teachers, Administrators, Students, and Parents.
  • Useful for CBSE, STATE, ICSE, IB Boards and Residential / Ashram Schools of any size and strength.
  • Supports all latest technologies - RFID, on-Line payment, SMS, e-mail, Smart Phones.
  • Assured On-site & On-Line support.
  • Technology - Cloud, Smart Phone, Client / Server or Web based
  • Integrated, Multi-User, Time tested.
  • User friendly interface. Easy to use.
  • Multilingual Fonts - Marathi / Hindi (Devnagari), Tamil , Telgu... Fonts
  • Immediate implementation.
  • SMS & Email alerts to all.
  • Reports export to Word, Excel, PDF...
  • High-level data security
RF-Campus features

SMS modules


  • Admission Process - Prospectus sale, Student registration, Verification / Finalization, merit list & Admissions
  • Defining Schools - Mediums, classes, Houses, Cash books, Fee types, Fee heads...
  • Fee Collection - Full / Partial on-line (via payment gateway) / bank / counter collection & refund, Admission with zero amount
  • Fees Report - Daily collection Register (Detail, short & summary), Monthly collection Register
  • Fine Management
  • Admission Cancellation & refund, various outstanding fees reports
  • SMS for fee due, paid & outstanding fees to parents


  • Admission record entry, student type change, Bulk Section allotment
  • Roll list
  • Admission Register
  • Monthly Attendance sheet for Teachers
  • Identity Cards
  • Board Reports
  • Student List Reports
  • MIS Reports for ZP, Govt., Management according to - caste Category, Religion, Gender, Urban / Rural area, Age, medium of instruction, Grant - no grant, Admission (old & new admission count)
  • User defined reports
  • Correspondence, e-mail & SMS to parents
  • Certificates - TC, Bonafide, Character
  • Student Evaluation by faculty


Thumb & LF-RFID Card attendance

LF (Low Frequency) RFID ID cards are issued to students & / or students thumbs are registered in biometric device. Biometric Readers are installed in each classroom or multiple Readers are installed at various common point of School. Each Student is required to show the ID card or put the thumb on Reader while arrival in School & leaving the School. Reader reads the card/thumb impression & attendance is marked & SMS is sent to parent. Teacher can correct the attendance of student.

UHF-RFID Attendance at School Gate

In UHF technology UHF Portals are installed at School common entrance gate and students are required to go through this portal while coming to School & leaving the School. RFID Antenna reads the card & marks his arrival / departure time & SMS is sent to parents.

Smart Phone Based Attendance

A Cloud based smart phone enabled M-Attendance software simplifies attendance process for all teachers of the School. Faculty mark absent students in his smart phone which is updated on cloud and absent messages are sent to parent. Also parent can securely access the attendance, performance and home work details of their ward using smart phone.

Manual Attendance

Faculty updates absent roll nos. data on day to day basis on attendance Server. SMS are sent to parents for absentees. Monthly summery attendance SMS to Parents can be sent & uploaded on Institute web site.

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Useful for scholarship / free-ship of students - GOI, EBC, BC, Free-ship, Girls concession, PTC, STC, Ex Service Man...


The module is useful for Examination Result publishing from Std. I to XII - Mark based system/Grade based system/combination. This module is totally flexible & can be configured for any number of classes, medium of instructions, subjects and any type of examination. Any type of Grace & Exam rules can be defined by Users. Strong validations are provided for minimizing human errors. This is integrated module of School Management System and Students data is transferred from Fees collection module. User can

  • Define Class wise Examination scheme - Defining subject offered, maximum marks, passing marks etc.
  • Defining Grading / passing criteria, Grace rules, Ordinance...
  • Test, mid-term & Final Mark entry by faculty / administrative staff
  • Result Processing & finalization
  • Mark sheet /Grade card
  • Tabulation register / Result Sheet
  • Certificate printing
  • Merit list-overall / subject wise
  • Result analysis according to - Percentage, subject, gender, Caste category...
  • Results of Selected Class
  • Publishing Result on Internet
  • In-built facility to customize report, certificates, mark sheet
  • SMS of results to parents
  • Institute performance


SMS can be sent by school - Administration to Parents for various reasons listed below:

  • Unplanned Absentee of ward in class
  • Fee dues, paid, over dues details
  • Schedules of various examinations, events in school, school notices
  • Progress / Remark of student
  • Monthly attendance record
  • Declaration of holidays


Any number of Account (cash books) can be maintained for any number of financial years.

  • Master creations - cash books, Ledger heads, Final account main & sub head
  • Receipt, Payment & JV entries
  • Fees & Payroll entries direct transfer
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Multi- Language printing of Reports - cash / Bank /JV/& Day book, Ledgers
  • Cheque Printing, Cheque Preparation, Cheque Cancellation
  • Cheque Reports, Cheque Outgoing Register
  • Final Accounts - Trial balance, Receipt & Payment, Income & Expenditure statement, various schedules
  • Personal Ledger Report

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  • Employee Information
  • Monthly Pay bill of all employees
  • Attendance L.W.P
  • Monthly Salary Calculation
  • Supplementary bills
  • Income Tax calculation
  • PF & Loans management
  • Leave record
  • User defined 15 Earning & 20 Deduction heads
  • User defined rules for calculation of - DA, HRA, CLA, PT, PF...


  • Pay Slips / Salary Certificate
  • Salary Register & Abstract
  • Bank Statement
  • SALARY Comparison Report
  • Schedules' of - PF,LIC, GSLI, PT, DCPS
  • Income Tax Reports - 16,24Q
  • Employee's Personal Information Reports
  • Junior College Reports
  • Annual Salary Reports
  • MIS Reports-According To - Pay Scale Designation, Departments, Caste Category


  • Entry & reporting of all the services book entries such as - personal memoranda ,Appointment details ,Family details, Qualification, Previous qualifying services , Loan & advances details, nominations details ,Pay revision, yearly increment leave promotion & transfer, change of scale, LTC, training programme etc.
  • Scanning, storage & retrieval of original document of Employee's personal file.



  • Professional, Creative & Attractive-eye-catchy design
  • Smooth functioning & User-friendly
  • Easy to navigate
  • Search Engine friendly
  • High-tech & secured
  • Linking with ERP - Admission & Fees, Student attendance, e-Learning, Results modules
  • Secured login to students, Parents, faculty, staff & management

important Links

  • Infrastructure of school
  • Courses offered & admission procedures
  • School Mission, History & Management
  • Photo Gallery
  • Achievement, awards, donations
  • Event - student's event conference, sports meet, cultural activities
  • Faculty & Officials
  • News Room
  • Student's attendance & Result, Notices
  • Students Feed back, Emails for All Faculty & College Staff
  • Linkup with Social Networking Site
  • Alumni - Online Alumni Registration & Searching, Chatting, Discussion forum
  • Notices board & News room


This is a fully integrated, user friendly, multi-user package, for all the in-house operations of the Library. The Library Application Software is powerful, and easy to use.


  • Acquisition & Cataloging
  • Circulation
  • OPAC - On-Line Public Access Catalogue
  • Serial Control
  • MIS Reports
  • Smart Phone OPAC
  • UHF RFID Integration

Facilities & Features

  • Requisition & Purchase order
  • Bill Processing & Accessioning
  • AACR2 Catalogue
  • Binding
  • Barcode
  • Sock Verification
  • Circulation
  • B. T. record
  • Reservation / Claims
  • Overdue / Recall notices
  • Clearance / Fine
  • Notices / Reminders
  • Book bank
  • SMS & Emails
  • MIS Report, Graphical Reports, Utilization of documents, Lost/Missing documents analysis, Budget Analysis
  • Serial Controls - Purchase, Indexing search circulation & OPAC
  • Web OPAC - ON-LINE PUBLIC ACCESS CATALOGUE - Powerful search engines according to: Title, Author, and Subject...


Web / Cloud based interaction (e-learning) tool for Teachers-student–parents

  • Uploading of course material By Faculty:
    • Homework & assignments
    • Notes
    • Sample question papers & question banks
    • Video & Audio Content
  • On Line test Quiz for one / all subjects, sports etc.
  • On line submission of assignment by student
  • Group email / SMS and announcement facility for faculty
  • Online lesson plan
  • Exam time table & notice
  • Subject wise roll list
  • Performance comments by Teachers


  • Co-operative Stores
  • Transactions related to purchase, issue transfer & write off of inventory
  • Stock register - Centralized & Department wise
  • Daily goods receipt / issue register
  • Current Stock Position - Centralized & Department wise
  • Stock Ledger - Centralized & Department wise
  • Reorder level report, Requisition slip

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  • Hostel creation - Hostel name, Wings, Room no. & capacity, Standard Fees
  • Mess Creation
  • Merit list & Hostel Admissions
  • Hostel Fees demand creation & collection
  • Hostel & Room Allotment / Room Change
  • Mess allotment & change
  • Admission Cancellation & refund of fees
  • Fees collection Register
  • Hostel Admission Register
  • Mess Bill Management
  • End Sem. / year student's dues & refund
  • Hostel Room Status
  • Student Certificates / Hostel I-Card
  • Selected Fees Reports
  • SMS / Email Facility
  • Integration with Exiting Fees collection package
  • Hostel Reports and certificates - Residential Fees paid etc.


  • Defining Bus routes
  • Vehicle details
  • Driver details
  • Transportation fees
  • Maintenance
  • students reports
  • SMS to parents for delay / change in Bus schedule

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