Cloud Education ERP Implementation: Challenges & Solutions

28 August 2019

Cloud Education ERP Implementation: Challenges & Solutions

“There is no good reason to delay getting to grips with cloud, enterprise architecture, security, enterprise-wide data management and governance.” Jessica Figueras

Earlier misunderstood as a highly unsafe technology, Cloud Education ERP is on a boom since a couple of years. It has truly proved its mettle by passing the litmus test of ‘Student Data Security’, which was and still is the prime concern of most of the educators. To be honest, ‘Student Data’ is a valuable asset for educational institutes as it helps them gain precise insights on the internal processes and decide their plan of action to escalate the growth of the institution in terms of students’ academic performance and productivity of the employees.

With a student information system embedded with cloud technology, one can be assured that their sensitive data would be absolutely safe.

Are there any challenges that educators need to understand before Cloud ERP Implementation?

As they say, everything comes with a price; there are certain challenges that educators must pay attention to. Any kind of negligence may result in the unsuccessful implementation of the cloud-integrated Education ERP and lead educators to end up in disappointment. Don’t panic! We will be discussing the top challenges and the best ways how you could overcome them.

Here are the topmost cloud implementation challenges along with their solutions...

Selection of the Right Education ERP

The first and foremost step while heading towards a successful cloud-ERP implementation should be the selection of the right ERP campus management facilitator. With a plethora of cloud-based Education ERP software in the market, it could be impossible to identify the genuine product as well as vendor. Not every ERP vendor out there would stay true to what they promise to deliver and will follow proper work ethics, right? Therefore, you must do thorough research keeping in mind some crucial aspects such as–

How old the ERP Company is?

What are the reviews of their clients?

How many successful ERP implementations they have registered in their name?

What is product pricing?

Does it meet your campus requirements?

Such research would definitely prove beneficial and you must not neglect it before you finalize the ERP vendor.

Appropriate Training to the Staff

Once you finalize the ERP vendor, half of your work is done! However, for ensuring the other half to be smooth, you need to ask your staff and faculty members to strictly undergo the software operating training process. If your faculty members fail to adhere to the training rules, they may face problems while operating the software in the future, which would ultimately result in functional inefficiencies. Therefore, make sure every faculty member undergoes the training seriously and learns to manage and control cloud system confidently.

Embrace Cloud ERP Technology for Greater Benefits

Security Challenges

With robust features like a centralized database which unifies all the data at a centralized location for ease of access, role-based permission that limit & channelizes the data sharing, and encrypted transmission of data that fosters a secure transmission, there’s no doubt that cloud technology embedded ERP systems are 100% safe and secure. However, anyone using the software must keep their login credentials to themselves and avoid sharing it with anyone. It would minimize the risk of mishandling of the data by outsiders and help the institutions overcome security challenges effortlessly.

To Sum Up

Data mishandling can negatively affect students’ academics, fuel up the chances of mishaps, raise a question on their personal security, and harm the reputation of institutions in the long run. Keeping the data safe is not just crucial for educational institutions, but the only way to function positively. Therefore, educators seeking cloud ERP solutions must be extra careful and choose their Education ERP facilitator wisely.

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