How to Speed Up Admissions in 2020 With a Good Online Admission Management System

12 May 2020

How to Speed Up Admissions in 2020 With a Good Online Admission Management System

“Speed has become an important element of strategy” – Regis McKenna (marketer, who introduced some of the major innovations of the computer age).

Does your institution have a well-defined strategy to combat Covid -19? And is speed part of that strategy? If not, it should be, because your competitors are coming out all guns blazing with innovative responses to the Covid-19 “social distancing” diktat. E-learning, digital fee payments, distance examination systems, mobile apps, library software, online admission management system…a slew of college erps have hit the market. And, understandably, schools, students and parents are lapping them up delightedly…and quickly.

You will agree that there is an emergent need to reinvent the admissions process BEFORE investing in any other education erp. After all, you wouldn’t want your institution to have elaborate e-learning software or a state-of-the-art library management system, but empty virtual classrooms and libraries!

In 2019, the process of admissions was well underway in May, with parents and students forming queues and debating heatedly on the best streams and options to choose from! Deep down, through the hurly-burly of admission time, you were at peace. Your institution was attracting crowds; admission fee payments helped you keep your balance sheet looking good, and your school pocket deep enough to pay your staff and build that auditorium that was on your students’ wish list.

2020 is a whole new ballgame! A virus is forcing you to slow down, to live with less – less students, less money, less staff, less everything!

You know, however, that less is not better when it comes to admissions! And more admissions can only come your way when you speed up the admissions process, without breaking a stringent lockdown!

Here is how a smart online admission system for colleges can help you speed up the admission process:

  • It can work 24/7: MasterSoft’s online college admission system works 24/7, processing admissions tirelessly so that your selection/merit lists are generated and published much earlier. Often students apply to several institutions simultaneously. They are most likely to accept the offer letter from an institution with the best response time.
  • No Geographical boundaries: Previously, one of the major causes of delays in the processing of applications was the paperwork and time taken to post application forms. Today, students can fill up the forms and submit them at their convenience, from the comfort of their homes, thanks to online admissions for colleges. Releasing students from those long, tiring and stressful queues encourages many more students to apply, faster!
  • User-friendly system: Our online applications can be filled in quickly and effortlessly. Also, students are not kept in the dark with regard to their status. Our system updates the candidate in real time whenever there is any change in status. Thus, when you adopt our system, your reputation as an efficient and alert institution that treats candidates with respect is established.
  • Automates reservations: Another pain point for many college administrators is the accurate calculation of seats to be reserved as per Government of India norms. Our system is capable of doing reservation calculations based on Government-established rules, sparing you much effort and time which you can utilize for activities that cannot be expected from a computer program.
  • Multiple registrations at a time: Many students can log in simultaneously, since our admissions software allows for multiple connections and registrations at a time. Our system is powerful enough to handle a large number of “log ins” concurrently, without slowing down the process.

The Lead Management System – a valuable a.d-on to the admissions ERP.

  • Help you campaign across several platforms: There is more to our admissions management system. An integrated lead management system -an exciting add-on by MasterSoft, which we would advise you to opt for - can reach out to potential students by running campaigns across several platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or via Emails, SMS, AdWords. When a prospective student enquires, it captures the lead and then rates it, based on the number of times the student may have visited the site or time spent on your website. You thus have an authentic pool of leads. The lead management system can then guide the best, most motivated candidates to your institution. Enrollments are bound to pick up rapidly with our highly sophisticated lead and admissions management ERP.

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  • Help you nourish those leads and guides them to conversion: The lead management software is also a pro at maintaining and nourishing previously captured leads so that they do not leak, age, or they are not lost to your institution. When leads are obtained manually, the possibility of multiple enquiries coming from the same source cannot be ruled out. Also, leads which are not given due attention, owing to staff burn-out or inadequate workforce, could age and disappear. Oureducation erpintegrated with lead management software can counter this issue effectively, since it constantly sends gentle reminders, in the form of engaging video content, testimonials of alumni, emails, etc. to keep the leads interested and nudge them into applying to your institution.

Covid -19 calls for astute thinking today! You may not have enough students who have expressed interest in your institution (or in any institution for that matter). Those who have but are wavering, due to the uncertainty of the pandemic, need to be kept in the admissions loop. You would not want any student to abandon the “college shopping cart” for want of a prompt, positive and encouraging response. This is why speed matters in admissions. This is where MasterSoft’s college management system can ease the strain on your administrators and speed up admissions in year 2020.

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