How to choose the best school management software for your institute?

best school management software

08, April 2021

Technology has always played a vital role in changing the approaches of industries in terms of -

  • Administering methods to conduct daily operations.
  • Providing seamless medium of communication.
  • Improving productivity of work processes.

Irrespective of how large or small the industry is, staying up-to-date with the different innovations has always proven to be beneficial.

Speaking of which, the education sector is always on the lookout for the next best thing that could provide them with positive output. That is why they opt for the best school management system which can accomplish all the tasks targeted for the smooth functioning of the school or institute.

Educational organizations particularly the higher educational institutes tend to have multiple school-related operations that are carried out manually. But with the rising need for educational ERP software, the schools & colleges have started to adopt the best edTech tools. Since the institutional administrators are making sure that they use the best school ERP software, the demand has increased twofold. And as a result, a plethora of ERP vendors claiming their product to be the best have emerged in the market.

Hence while choosing a school management software it is imperative to invest a considerable amount of time in research, to have proper knowledge about the software which would prove to be helpful in the long run. Along with that choice, the right edTech tool vendor who could provide support when needed, as well as providing necessary updates about the newest technological trends and upgrades is equally important.

Factor to consider while choosing an best school software management:

Below few important factors are pointed out which will prove to be quite helpful while choosing any online school management software:-

#1: School ERP Software to Meet the Need of the Stakeholders

The online school management software needs to accommodate the stakeholders including - students, teachers, parents, staff members, alumni, school board members, and trustees.

To ensure greater efficiency & clear communication, the ERP needs to keep everyone in the loop. This could be done only when everyone is aware of the daily ins and outs of the institution.

Be it the admission of the students or sending important notifications to parents and staff members, the software should have a provision that maintains transparency between the stakeholders.

#2: ERP Software Offering Flexibility

The working methods of a school or an educational organization are subject to constant change, so choosing software that is flexible enough to take into account all these changes is essential. Adapting to the methods which typically depend on the time and requirements of the particular school is important.

#3: 100% Student Data Security

Suppose an important assessment is going to take place soon, for which question papers are created, but just before the examination, the question paper gets leaked. Such incidents are quite common and often prove to be the cause of distress for the students and administration staff. To evade such situations where important documents are either stolen, compromised, or altered due to a security breach, it is important to choose the best school ERP software. The security system should essentially have the following features.

  • The availability of firewalls to protect the important files from getting hacked.
  • Password & OTP encryption.
  • Cloud based secure platform with role-based access to the information.

#4: Reliable EdTech Support

At a time when urgent assistance is required from the vendors or service providers in terms of updating the software or integrating other features, they are not available, these kinds of situations keep occurring. It will serve well to choose services from a well-established firm that ensures software solutions and upgrades whenever required.

This will also save the trouble of manually processing any vital data. If the service providers are thorough professionals in their field, then they would solve whatever technical issues occur concerning any software application. Hence choosing a reliable vendor who would provide backup support is also important.

#5: Scalability for Sustenance

What is sustenance? Sustenance means maintenance or support. School or educational institute does not remain the same in respect to the number of students or methodologies that are followed. Since the organizational structure of the school itself keeps changing and evolving it becomes necessary for the software to be scalable to take those changes into account.

The best school management system can restore the data no matter even if it increases, it allows the integration of third-party software after careful analysis. With time the number of users may increase to access the application, if the software is an updated one then it not only lets the users access it but also keeps a record of it.

#6: User-friendly School ERP Platform

One of the main troubles with edTech tools is, often some users who are not that tech-savvy find it difficult to access a certain application. This is where the usability of online school management software comes into question, whether it is easy to use or hard to navigate through it.

The software should have applications that should not take excessive efforts to carry out a certain task, or else it could end up complicating it rather than providing any solutions.

#7: Offline and Online Mode of School Applications

Depending on the requirements of the school, the software should be able to host applications in online or offline mode. The availability of an internet connection is crucial for accessing the online version of the app, which also allows the staff, parents, and other stakeholders to access it from anywhere else. Sometimes the schools prefer to deploy the offline model as well.

To Sum Up

Technology exists to make intensive work easier, but most of the time the solutions it provides are not always smooth and functional. The efficiency with which certain applications work, the backup support, security measures, etc, all are significant factors to look out for. Hence the above-mentioned features are to be kept in mind while considering the best school management software.

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