Technology Emergence in Education Landscape to Improve Student Experience

05 Oct 2019

Technology Emergence in Education Landscape to Improve Student Experience

There was a time when teaching was confined to a blackboard, chalk, and a four wall classroom. Teachers used to conduct seminars via PowerPoint presentations every once in a while and it was considered to be the only “standard” of technology in the classroom! Well, thanks to the advanced education technology such practices don’t exist anymore. Today, the level or the parameters of EdTech have reached par excellence and modern gadgets, mobile apps, and most importantly, ERP software has become a part of the learning landscape.

To be honest, with ERP software, educational institutions have become capable of doing much more than they used to do earlier. Its numerous features and benefits can have a huge positive impact on students and completely transform the cliché perception of education!

Here’s how Education ERP technology can help improve students experience in educational institutions...

Hassle-free Access to Information 24*7

With the rising competitive environment, educational institutions should adopt a Cloud education ERP software rather than on-premises one. On-premises ERP software would require more manpower & IT infrastructure for installation and update. On the other hand, cloud ERP can be installed quickly and it updates automatically from time-to-time whenever the ERP vendor launches a new software update.

The greatest perk of having cloud-based technology is that it allows the students to access information such as homework, assignments, exam schedules, and much more from anywhere and at any time. In fact, they can even ask teachers to share notes and study material virtually surpassing the old norms. All a student needs to do is log in their portal with individual credentials.

Student Behavior Tracking and Analytics

Student Management ERP System embedded with analytics dashboards is the best choice for educators who wish to take the quality of education a notch higher. Analytics dashboards can generate analytical reports concerning student’s academic performance & behavior by evaluating vital factors such as their attendance and grades. With the readily available and accurate data, teachers can easily track the growth of students and even develop new teaching techniques or methodologies for increasing student engagement in the classroom.

Achieve Institutional Goals with the Best EdTech!

Seamless Communication for Better Outcomes

Poor communication may become a hurdle in the pathway to the growth of students! A crystal clear communication between teachers and students is the need of the hour. As per current stats, teachers spend nearly half of their time in executing non-teaching activities such as attendance, student data entry, that too, on a daily basis! In such a scenario, it’s hard to imagine the students’ progress. A student management system embedded with a mobile app can be helpful in overcoming such conditions. The mobile application enables the staff and students to collaborate and stay in touch beyond the classroom. Students can take advantage of the mobile app for communicating with the teachers regarding their subject-related queries or the challenges that are affecting their performance. Such innovative practice would surely help students and bring better outcomes.

Boost Student Retention

There’s a plethora of educational institutes in the education industry who are competing with all they’ve got just to increase the student enrollment and retention. In this tech-driven and highly competitive market, students have got multiple choices from where they can learn. They don’t even think twice about leaving the institutions for these reasons. If an educational institution fails to provide quality education and services, chances are, students will leave in between. To avoid such circumstances and maintain a good reputation of educational institute, EdTech may prove to be a boon! When students will be satisfied with their learning process and facilities they’re getting in an institution, they are bound to stay connected.

To Sum Up

In today’s tech-driven age, quality education is all about ‘Smart Learning’! The best way to introduce smart learning in the classroom and achieve the goals of improving institutional effectiveness and student progress, an education ERP system can turn out to be a one-stop solution for educators. Therefore, educators willing to transform students’ learning experience by must promote smart learning and invest in student management software at the earliest.

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