Boost Student Retention by Implementing Campus Management System

11 Oct 2019

Boost Student Retention by Implementing Campus Management System

Students taking a drop from their education institution & switching to another has become a common phenomenon these days. Top-notch education experts state that the main reason forcing students to take such step is lack of academic facilities in their institution. Unlike a few decades back, nowadays students have a plethora of options to choose from. Why would someone compromise & invest their hard-earned money in a certain institution when they can get all the desired provisions & high quality of education in others? This is why it’s crucial for educators to keep a close tab on institutional activities & implement solutions to upgrade the quality of education. Education ERP seems to be the best way to boost academic excellence and achieve goals within a short span of time.

Here’s how educators can boost student retention by implementing campus management system...

Student Attendance Management

When it comes to retention, the adage - First impression is the last impression seems apt. Research shows that it’s the new students who often drop out of the institutions as compared to the old ones. However, it’s quite difficult for educators to keep a tab on hundreds & thousands of students. In such instances, an automated student attendance management system can be the most helpful. With an ERP system that provides student attendance data, teachers can easily figure out students that don’t pay attention to classes. They can further plan strategies to collaborate with such students & understand the reason of chronic absenteeism.

Mobile Apps for Better Communication & Learning

Institutes willing to have a tight-knit relationship with students must address the issue of communication gap. A crystal communication is directly proportional to better teacher-student engagement. With mobile apps, teachers can successfully accomplish this goal by staying in touch with students beyond the four walls of the classroom. They can optimize academic activities such as assigning homework, uploading exam schedules, tests and a lot more. They can also share notes and video tutorials to promote learning and solve their queries via chat messenger feature. A strong teacher-student bond will definitely lead to higher retention rates in the long run.

AI-powered ERP for Boosting Student Retention

Smart Dashboard for Precise Analysis

Teachers can track & monitor complete ins-and-outs of students in real-time with the help of ERP software integrated with smart analytics dashboard. A dashboard can help generate highly accurate reports about students’ performance including their grades, attendance, assessments, and the entire academic progress. Teachers can utilize these reports and provide guidance to students for boosting their academic records.

Key Takeaways

Student Management ERP Software can significantly strengthen the relationship between teachers & students by simplifying the tasks of faculty members and encouraging them to collaborate & monitor the activities of students. Therefore, educators willing to increase student retention ratio must implement campus automation software at the earliest.

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