Top 7 Benefits of e-learning for Students

Why MASP School Recognition Is Helpful?

Updated On | 05, April 2021

“Completing education, learning new skills, earning a valuable degree, and getting a great job…!”

How’s the thought?

Amazing, right?

Microsoft Aspire School Program (MASP) is an initiative by Microsoft to help educational institutions digitize their work processes & provide the best teaching-learning experience.

I know it’s hard to digest but I am doing it!

Like many of you, I also had doubts when I first heard of online teaching-learning from a dear friend John.

I thought to myself that poor John has no knowledge of the real world! How can he be so silly!

Can one trust the digital learning system?

However, when I started researching it, I understood that “e-learning” is an advanced way by which we can learn & take education virtually. It doesn’t require us to be present in the institution physically. Considering the pandemic situation, e-learning could prove to be extremely beneficial.

And it is for REAL!

If you are a student & want to continue your studies amidst the present circumstances, then, this article will be helpful for you.

Top 7 Benefits of E-Learning for Students

There are numerous benefits of e-learning, but I am going to give out the top 7 benefits to help you…

Benefit #1: Flexibility of Learning

Being a student, I understand that there are some extremely difficult subjects that require extra dedication.

Otherwise, the chances of flunking become higher!

And when we speak of traditional classroom setup, teaching doesn’t give much flexibility.

Unfortunately, the teachers are bound by their timings and you have limited time to grasp the subject.

This barrier doesn’t exist with the digital classroom setup. With the e-learning software, one gets an ample amount of time to play the recorded lessons repeatedly until understanding the concept.

Benefit #2: Access to Vast E-Content

Unlike the conventional classroom, the online teaching classes equipped with advanced e-learning software serve you a number of options.

The learning process can be made smooth with more relevant & fact-based e-content.

With the online educational ERP software, you get access to a vast range of e-content & study materials including e-books, video lessons, audio files, PDFs, PPTs, and personalized e-notes by your teacher. You can make a choice of what you want to study & begin learning the curriculum at your convenience.

Benefit #3: Learning at Own Pace

Ever faced the situation when you are writing down the notes by copying what the teacher has explained on the blackboard and even before you finish writing -

Ah! The teachers just rub off everything! Tada! It’s gone!

Feels like I have lost a race.

With the online learning management system (LMS), such moments of missing out on important learning notes are not concern-worthy. As a student, you can record the video lessons of your teacher & play them repeatedly for developing a better understanding of the topic.

Benefit #4: Online Assessments & Mock Tests

Before you appear for the final online examinations, it’s important that you practice.

Practice enough to score well during the final take – without facing any technical problem.

What I mean is – one may get nervous or face challenges to operate the online assessment platform. With the mock test provision, you can get familiar with the ERP system along with practicing for the final exams.

Thus, a learning management system (LMS) integrated with an online test platform can help you prepare confidently – which is a huge advantage of e-learning!

Benefit #5: Track Your Level of Understanding

One of the best benefits of e-learning software for higher education is that you can learn things based on your level of understanding.

You can try out online quizzes, online tests, and also ask your faculty to send a question bank online for ample practice.

Depending on your score, you’ll be able to track your knowledge & progress.

You can further categorize your progress into the following three basic groups & study with an aim to reach the next level with every online test-

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

If you get a low score that means you need to clear the basics of the subject.

In another case, if your performance is average then, you can opt for intermediate e-content.

And, by the grace of God, if you do exceptionally well then, just relax and learn some advanced skills to gain an edge in your career.

Benefit #6: E-Modules to Maximize Effectiveness of Study

As simplistic as it may seem, the teaching & learning process eventually gears up when you are exposed to a multitude of e-modules.

With communication tools for personalized chatting, online discussion forums, and video conferencing, you get a chance to personally clear your doubts with the teacher. You can ask them to guide you throughout the teaching-learning journey.

It builds strong teacher-student communication & engagement over time leading to positive learning outcomes.

Benefit #7: Paperless Educational Ecosystem

Don’t forget nature!

We are already suffering so much.

It’s high time we act eco-friendly.

With online teaching and learning software, the need for paperwork is absolutely zero. Since all teaching sessions are conducted online and the study materials are digitized, you can indirectly contribute towards saving the environment.

One of the best benefits of e-learning, ain’t it?

To Sum Up

These 7 benefits of e-learning for students can prove to be a game-changer in terms of improving student learning outcomes.

As a student, the crux that you must keep in mind is that e-learning education ERP is user-friendly software with some amazing benefits that could transform your learning experience.

And you don’t need to make many efforts to get a quality education. Just focus on studies by utilizing the advantages offered by e-learning software.

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