Topmost Benefits of Implementing Online Examination Management Software

04 Sep 2019

Topmost Benefits of Implementing Online Examination Management Software

Gone are the days where educational delivery was strictly restricted to a “four-wall” classroom!

In today’s tech-driven era, where everything is just a click away, anyone can learn and get an education without any hassle. There’s no need to cling to the old-school ways to deliver education.

Education ERP integrated with Online Exam Management System is one of the new feathers in the cap of technology that enables campuses to plan, conduct, manage, and assess examinations by minimizing the administrative processes & thereby, upgrading their standard of education.

Being a robust and scalable solution, an automated examination management system has become the choice of every top-notch educator. If you are an educator and thinking to invest in education ERP, you must discuss such functionality with the ERP vendor to ensure institutional success.

Here are the topmost benefits of implementing online examination management software that would help you understand its utility in detail…

Effective Time Management

Conducting examinations manually requires efforts as well as an enormous amount of time to plan out various activities such as the creation of exam paper, printing the exam papers and answer sheets, preparing a list of teachers, assigning different tasks to them, managing records of students appearing in the exam, allocating rooms, and much more. Apart from the time-consumption factor, the entire process could be mentally daunting for the management as well as the staff. With a student examination system, these activities can be streamlined and executed effortlessly on a computer via the internet within a short span of time. Teachers can upload the question papers on exam portal and provide separate login access to students on the day of the exam and conduct exam smoothly.

Hassle-free Conduction of Examination

Despite digitizing the exam by taking proper measures, there still remains a probability of malpractices and fraudster activities.

For instance, an unknown student may give an examination on behalf of the actual candidate. It could lead to serious issues and hamper the reputation of the institute in the future.

An effective online exam management system that has centralized storage of student-related data can prove to be a savior in such cases. Respective authority can store and save the student-related data in the system including their photographs and personal details. On the day of the examination, the invigilators can cross-check the data and thus, commence an authentic exam.

Conduct A to Z Exam Activities with Online Software

AI-Proctored Online Examinations

As I said, the faculty must pay focus on eradicating the malpractices during online exams.

To ensure cheating-free online exams, AI-powered online proctored software can do wonders.

Online proctoring enables the faculty to capture random images of the students in real-time as well as continuously monitor students’ activities via video monitoring. It all depends on the type of online proctored software one implements in the institution.

Therefore, while implementing the online examination software, educators should look after the required features & then make a decision.

Accuracy of Results

Exam results play a pivotal role in deciding the future of students. Without the previous mark sheets or results, a student can’t take admission to the higher class Result is the proof that they had appeared and successfully cleared their previous examination. Therefore, it’s the responsibility of an educator to release the results on time so that students can further proceed with future endeavors. A campus automation system equipped with the exam management solution can quickly access & auto-evaluate the answer sheets to calculate the obtained marks precisely within no time. The marks are then stored in a centralized database which the management authorities can send online to students or display publicly by taking printouts.

Feedback on Performance

“Learning experiences are like journeys. The journey starts where the learning is now and ends when the learner is successful. The end of the journey isn't knowing more, it's doing more."

This quote by Julie Dirksen, Learning Strategy and Design Consultant - exactly explains what teachers are supposed to do. They must encourage students to learn well and simplify their learning journey.

The integrated dashboard in the ERP software can help teachers understand, analyze, and evaluate the students’ performance extremely well. With insights like the academic strengths, weak areas, questions answered, skillset, and much more - teachers can identify the learning gaps easily and provide students their valuable feedback. It will surely improve their performance in the long run.

Cost-effective Solution

The cost-effectiveness of the online examination software makes it a perfect choice for educators.

Educators just need to ask the ERP vendors to configure the software as per their requirements. Once the configuration is done & training is given to the staff, there remains no need to continuously pay for the software upgrade service.

The cloud-based exam software automatically gets updated from time to time. Enriched with so many functionalities & features, the online exam software is surely the best bet!

To Sum Up

A proficient, robust & tested online examination management system can completely eradicate the need for creating and organizing heaps of student-related paper records by automating the process. On top of that, it saves the effort and time of resources and thus, helps in remarkable cost savings.

Educators looking for a cost-effective solution to transform the examination experience of students and gain a leading edge over other institutes must invest in Education ERP at the earliest.

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