About the Program

The progression of the virus Novel Corona has adversely affected countries worldwide. To deal with the health crisis, the officials of the Government of India have incorporated safety guidelines. As an initiative to help educational institutions function seamlessly without any administrative hassles, MasterSoft has launched the following initiatives.

  • Setup Remote Classrooms on MicroSoft Teams
  • Online Registration, Admission & Fee Collection
  • Online Assessment (MCQ & Descriptive)
  • Flat Discounts on School ERP, College ERP

MasterSoft has helped over 100 institutions to go live on Microsoft Teams & manage online Admissions & Fee Collection effortlessly.

MasterSoft Offerings to Support Educational Institutions

We are helping educational institutions with remote education readiness by delivering the following edTech offerings at great discounted prices.

Online Admission and Fee Management Software

  • Application & Registration for Online Admission
  • Document Upload, Verification & Shortlisting Candidates
  • Online Fee Payment & Collection via Secure Payment Gateway

Learning Management Software (LMS)

  • Remote Classroom : Microsoft Teams
  • E-content & Teaching Notes Upload Provision
  • Online Assessment & Evaluation (MCQ and Descriptive)

MasterSoft Admission Readiness Program Form

Data Security

MasterSoft provides you 100% data ownership. In any/every circumstance, nobody from Team MasterSoft can access the data layer. Your data remains with you and can be downloaded in excel at any given point in time. The Higher Ed ERP Solution is hosted on highly secure cloud servers, under the Government of India (GOI) approved MeghRaj Policy in Non-seismic zones, and has the provision of multiple auto-backups of the sensitive and confidential institutional data, ensuring 100% data security.

Please Contribute to the Cause

We request Engineers, Educators, and Faculty with IT knowledge to come forward and contribute to the cause by spreading the message to Higher Ed institutions & making the higher management authorities aware of the program. You can also support us by educating people on how to use technology and help them set up smoothly. Your contribution will help us continue serving higher Ed institutions & bring a positive change in the lives of students, faculty, and educators.

If you wish to be a part of this journey, kindly reach out to us at email: janki.somani@iitms.co.in