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  • Distinct product offerings for Schools, Colleges, Universities & Trusts.
  • Automation of Students, Faculty & Campus Administration.
  • Learning Outcome Management & Analysis to promote Student Success

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Dr. P. M. Khodke Central Project Advisor at NPIU, Formerly Principal of GEC Karad

The e-Governance ERP has been customized with functional requirements of GCEK & system is fully functional. This software generates various MIS reports which are highly beneficial to us.

Dr. Sadanand Gokhale Formerly Dean-IIT Madras, Director NIT-Kozhikode, Raipur, Nagpur, Mizoram, The LNMIIT, Jaipur

The ERP is maintained by the company. Their services are excellent. Apart from local application deployment engineer, company provided continuous on site support through additional senior development team.

Dr. Gopal Mugeraya Director, NIT Goa

The e-Governance ERP RF-CAMPUS is customized & commissioned by company and all major important modules are in active usages. MasterSoft is providing continuous on-site support and their services are good.

Dr. Danish Ali Khan Dean, NIT Jamshedpur

The online fee payment portal has proved to be extremely helpful to the staff and students alike. The precise and live data from the analytics dashboard has been of great benefit to the faculty as well as the management.

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Educational ERP Products

MasterSoft Education ERP Software is a cloud-based software for schools, colleges, and universities that automates all major processes of an Educational institute. The Education ERP campus system ensures management of all academic & non-academic operations and ensuring transparency across all departments.

MasterSoft ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software gives complete control over all the major processes & activities of an Educational institute. This ERP campus software tracks and manages activities of all the departments of the institute including the admin department, finance, library, HR, etc.

Educational ERP Software is integrated web-based software that allows educational institutions like schools, colleges, and universities to manage their data. It provides a comprehensive Management Information System (MIS) by automating all key processes of an institute.

Education ERP is a centralized database system that makes information and communication easy across various departments of an institution. The major objective of education ERP system is to integrate the best edTech modules in organization for better communication & ROI.

School ERP

MasterSoft Cloud-based School ERP is a complete solution developed with the aim of impacting Learning Outcomes & Campus Management by automating all life cycles - Student, Faculty & Administration and providing actionable insights via Smart Analytics.

  • Latest Technology & Smart Integration
  • Smart features such as BI Tools, Biometric Identification, Mobile Apps, Auto-triggered notifications, and Bus tracking and much more to ensure best outcomes & transparency between school & parents.
  • CSMS supports all Boards, CBSE, ICSE, State, IB & Cambridge.
  • Enables active communication between key stakeholders to improve student learning.
  • Statistical Analysis presented by BI Tools suggests valuable inferences.
  • Interactive e-learning creates an engaging teaching-learning environment, creating experiential learning.

College ERP

MasterSoft College Management System for colleges to digitize work processes & improve overall operational efficiency by automating Student-Faculty lifecycle and Campus Administration. The College Software empowers Management with important reports such as : Daily Collection Report, Academic Performance, Accounting Reports and many more which helps them manage operations & stay updated. Essential & Accurate Reports for various Compliance Bodies can also be downloaded at all times, saving institute’s time & energy thus improving efficiency.

University ERP

MasterSoft University Management Software helps Universities & its Affiliated Colleges streamline processes, analyze data, and track all operation of from a single system. The ERP Software helps achieving maximum efficiency at a university & a college level by automating of Student, Staff & Administration lifecycles. Customizable solution built to suit institutional practices, enable quickest ROI & active utilization thus optimization of resources.

  • The system establishes the essential connection between colleges & university for data sharing while maintaining their individual autonomy.
  • Management of Student Information, Faculty & Campus Administration becomes easier.
  • Centralized Online Admissions Conduction
  • College Affiliation Management process by enabling colleges to upload required documents directly on the server & in any format.
  • Centralized Examination & Results : Conducting offline as well as online exam by managing crucial pre & post exam activities.

Trust Management

MasterSoft Trust Management System for schools, colleges, polytechnics, ITI of a society, located at Multiple Campuses in different cities integrates data of all campuses & stores it on a single platform for providing seamless flow of information, precise data analysis & monitoring. Customizable solution built to meet the requirements of multi-campus structure, enables the Higher Management Authorities to have a complete view & control over all the activities in each campus.

  • Management of Student Information, Faculty & Campus Administration across Multiple Campuses through a single platform.
  • 24*7 accessibility to institutional information & data from anywhere.
  • Insights on core institutional activities & summarized graphical reports by Smart Analytics Dashboards for a faster & accurate decision-making.

MasterSoft Educational ERP Offers

We offer campus management solutions that improve institutional productivity,boost efficiency, and positive outcome ratio by streamlining work processes and enabling institutions go paperless.

Centralized Database

Centralized management of institutional data enables distinct users to manage their respective activities through a single platform.

Absolute Support

Onsite & Online Support to all users, with roadmaps for implementation enable fastest implementation & active participation of all users.

Quickest ROI

Fast Implementation with streamlined processes and solution built on a cutting edge technology gives you a quickest ROI.

Data Security

Secure cloud, role-based access, password & OTP encryption, auto-alerts for data security, located in earthquake-free zones & multiple back-ups ensuring disaster recovery.

Easy & Intuitive Solutions

Easy & intuitive structure supporting vernacular languages & tool tips for helping users to adopt easily & navigate with ease.

Dashboards & Reports

Analytics powered dashboards for accessing actionable real-time information & generating reports for better decision-making & compliance.


Mr. Sham Somani

Founder & Managing Director

After Completing his BE and M Tech. from Visvesvaraya Regional College of Engineering, Nagpur (Now VNIT), Mr. Sham Somani devoted 12 years to serve Nagpur University, as the head of the computer center. He built examination, accounts, payroll, administration software for Nagpur University in 1990-2000, and then started MasterSoft with an aim to impact education with ease of processes & automation. MasterSoft is built on the vision & understanding of comprehensive processes adopted by educational institutions to create maximum value while maintaining the ease of operations.

Our Mentors

Dr. R. Natarajan
Formerly Director, IIT, Madras Chairman, AICTE, India
Dr. S. S. Gokhale
Formerly Dean-IIT Madras, Director NIT-Kozhikode, Raipur, Nagpur, Mizoram, The LNMIIT, Jaipur
Mr. Sharad Heda
Chief of Staff - Microland
Mr. Madhusudan Kela
Founder of MK Ventures
Mr Vaibhav Kumar Srivastava
NITI Aayog, Ex Microsoft, Cisco, IBM

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Cloud Education ERP Implementation

Cloud ERP Implementation enables educational institutions to optimize resources & achieve high productivity by delivering complete campus automation. Facilitates services such as Data Access, Storage, Security & Accessibility, Integration, improved communication for upgrading the operational efficiency of institutions without massive investment.

  • Easy-to-implement & highly affordable solution that doesn’t require any hardware & infrastructure for its implementation.
  • Stores the data in a centralized location for providing ease of access to end-users.
  • Enables role-based access & offers auto-triggered, auto- backup of institutional data ensuring 360-degree data security.
  • Crucial institutional information can be accessed at any time from any location merely with an active internet connection.
  • Follows the parameters of GI cloud - Meghraj Policy set by Government of India ensuring Data Security & Compliance.