Benefits of Investing in Education Technology for Automation of Institutes

23, November 2019

Benefits of Investing in Education Technology for Automation of Institutes

The bell rings, the teacher enters the classroom, begins to mark attendance, asks for the previous day’s homework from students. Before the lecturer could start teaching, almost two-thirds of the lecture timing gets wasted just like that. In addition to these daily tasks, faculty members also need to carry out administrative tasks & plan strategies for institutional growth.

As per top-notch educational experts, campus automation is the best solution for increasing the efficiency & productivity of teachers as well as the entire institution. As a responsible educator, one must think about the everyday hassles teachers have to go through and implement edTech to overcome the challenges.

“To stay ahead in innovation, look at horizontal industries and the ones leading your current industry, someone is always doing something new”: Jeff Butler

Here are the key benefits of investing in education technology for automation of institutes…

Save Enormous Time & Efforts

As we mentioned earlier, the role of teachers is multi-dimensional. Right from marking attendance, preparing timetables, assigning homework, conducting class-tests, teachers need to execute so many tasks. Education ERP eases the jam-packed schedule by streamlining the in-house processes of different departments of an educational institution. It significantly minimizes the workload of teachers & provides teachers ample time or rather space which they can fully dedicate to teaching & helping out students! Even a couple of hours saved every day will result in quick ROI & positive student outcomes.

Innovation to Expand the Horizons of Learning

It is said that growing years shape the character & personality of children. According to the latest research, the development of new skills in children is directly proportional to their learning ability. Understanding these advantages that children can reap by learning in their growing years, today, the majority of schools use school management software with e-learning modules. E-learning enables children to learn things at their own pace. They can learn whatever they love and collaborate with teachers beyond the four walls of the classroom. E-learning modules also enable teachers to share study material & crucial video tutorials expanding the horizons of learning and thus, promoting student success.

EdTech for Automation, Innovation & Security

Student Data Security with Cloud Technology

The latest trend of cloud technology has taken educational institutions by storm. Earlier considered to be a bane for education institutions because of the security concerns, nowadays, all the leading educators have moved to clouds! Surpassing the old beliefs, cloud ERP enables faster, safer & secure communication as well as stores all the crucial student data at a centralized location. It allows the campus admin or educators to facilitate role-based access to the faculty and staff members and bid adieu the probability of data theft & misuse. With functionalities such as OTP & password encryption, educational institutions, especially schools can remain stress-free. An efficient cloud ERP for schools & higher education institutions with complete student data security can literally prove to be game-changer!

Know How Top Notch Educators Get Benefits of Investing in Education Technology

Key Takeaways

The automated campus management system is modern-day ‘Genie’ for education institutions! It not just automates the daily tasks but also fosters a better teaching & learning environment. Therefore, educators willing to boost their overall institutional performance must invest in education technology without any delay.

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Balram Korde,
VP Sales and Marketing