Importance Of NAAC Accreditation In Higher Education & Best ERP To Improve Grades

Updated On | 03 ,September 2020

What is NAAC Accreditation

NAAC certification is a measure to evaluate and then guarantee a standard of education provided in higher institutions across the nation. The University Grant Commission (UGC) has issued a decree stipulating that every university and faculty must get certification by the council called NAAC (National Assessment and Accreditation Council).

Education is required by every nation for its development. As a result, the excellence and relevance of programs offered by the university must have a standard. As in every arena of business, the method of improving quality has a predefined set of measures. Colleges must find and recognize additional requirements to satisfy them per the international standards. NAAC Accreditation was created to bring every institution to stand on the same ground to perform the best.

Benefits Of NAAC Accreditation For Colleges

Here are the top advantages of obtaining NAAC accreditation for higher education institutions...

  • Helps the institution identify its weaknesses, strengths, opportunities, and threats using a continuous evaluation process
  • Helps to understand the need for planning in the internal areas and allocating resources
  • Improves campus collegiality
  • The result provides objective data from funding agencies on performance financing
  • Introduces institutions with the modern and innovative educational methods
  • Elevates the institution image and offers a new direction of success
  • Provide the market with consistent details about the quality of courses offered
  • An organization that recruits candidates has a reach to these details about the educational quality provided by the college
  • Makes inter-and-intra institutional communication possible

Significance of education ERP Software for Institutions

A reliable & robust education ERP software enables colleges to streamline their work processes & manage institutional data to help them get ready for NAAC accreditation. In addition to this, the college ERP software also helps in generating error-free compliance Self Study Reports (SSR reports) with gaps and suggestions for improvement. In simple terms, ERP software helps the higher education institutions manage entire data seamlessly.

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Moreover, with the improvement input details in the reports, colleges get an opportunity to equip themselves with state-of-the-art facilities. In the process of learning, the techniques to promote conformity with accreditation quality, classification becomes easier.

College ERP software manages the entire college management system including the administration, operations related to the campus, academic management, administration, and library management system.

Thus, MIS reports generated using the college software provides all the details accurately to be presented to NAAC inspection teams. The team will check details from every SSR report. NAAC officers believe that this report is beneficial for qualifying the colleges. The ERP software helps in creating this report to its perfection.

Role of MasterSoft ERP in Helping Colleges for NAAC Accreditation Process

MasterSoft after consultation with academicians across India has built an accreditation data management system to help institutions collect, manage & analyze data required by NAAC.

This system provides guidelines as per DVV at each step helping institutions & IQAC Coordinators manage data seamlessly. The Accreditation data management system provides analysis of data points entered across. It is integrated with ERP providing best support & auto fetching of data.

NAAC has mentioned in its guidelines that accurate reports are mandatory. With the MasterSoft ERP, creating MIS reports in a graphical or any given format can happen quickly. The NAAC Committee can verify the same and further decide on the NAAC grades.

Therefore, after knowing that NAAC certification offers so much help in upgrading the education quality in the college, every college must look at obtaining the same. It is not only prestigious obtaining NAAC accreditation but also useful to uplift the college process and stand ahead in the competition to offer quality education.

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  • MasterSoft’s Accreditation Data Management System allows Institutes to assimilate Campus data in one Central database, generates various reports related to accreditation bodies. MasterSoft doesn't calculate Accreditation/ ranking scores or do not claim to improve your score or ranking.
  • This document shows overall features of MasterSoft’s Accreditation Data Management System. You will have access to limited options of this System for which you have opted.
  • MasterSoft will modify this Solution as & when necessary & same will be automatically mandatorily available to you.

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