Guidelines for the Preparation of SSR Reports for NAAC Accreditation - Day2

09 June 2021

Speaker: Prof. H. K. Anantha Subba Rao, Former Academic Consultant, NAAC

With the phenomenal response received on day one of the NAAC webinar, Dr. H.K. Rao was thrilled & excited to conduct the second day. First & foremost he expressed gratitude to every participant & college faculty member that took interest in his session & welcomed them all for the journey of the second day.

The second day’s objective was to enlighten educationalists regarding “Guidelines for preparation of SSR for NAAC Accreditation”. To ensure that all institutions prepare error-free & highly precise Self Study Reports (SSR), Dr. Rao shared some profound tips.

He commenced his speech by first explaining –

  • What is SSR?
  • What role SSR reports play during the NAAC Accreditation?
  • How institutions can prepare error-free SSR Reports?

Addressing the educationalists, Dr. Rao explained that the vision of NAAC is to offer the highest quality education to students. To ensure that students are offered the best facilities in terms of academics, infrastructure, teaching-learning environment, and activities to enhance their skills, educators and faculty need to take care of their daily activities.

The Self Study Report

SSR is nothing but evidence that shows the quality of education being provided to students. SSR reports are an amalgamation of all the activities done in the past five years. They help in establishing the actual image of the institution in front of the NAAC peer team members.

He further hooked the audience by helping them understand why they should prepare at least 50% of the SSR report before proceeding with the IIQA NAAC. It would boost their journey of attaining the NAAC Accreditation.

To summarize the data requirements for Self -Study Report (SSR)

1. Executive Summary

2. Open University Profile

3. Extended Profile of University

4. Quality Indicator Framework (QIF)

5. Documents-Quantitative Metrics/Data Templates

You can watch the complete video to check out more details.

Dr. Rao took the conversation forward by shedding light on the submission of SSR reports. To explain his words precisely, he asked institutions to follow the given steps for NAAC Accreditation-

  • Read & carefully fill the SSR submission form
  • Pay the fees required for initial SSR submission online
  • Upload the required documents & data in template stated by NAAC
  • Submit the online form by ensuring all details

Once, the initial submission is done, the NAAC peer committee verifies conducts data verification & validation (DVV Process), and proceeds with their decision.

Dr. Prashant Borkar took the opportunity to speak & reignited the SSR topic. He gave a short demo of MasterSoft’s Accreditation Data Management Software (ADMS) and elaborated how institutions can simplify the process of preparing SSR reports by compiling data & documents via the data management software.

The way Prashant Sir expressed his views on innovative software reflected the quality of the edTech tool!

He continued the audience engagement by highlighting the features of the Accreditation Data Management Software. Built on a robust technology framework, the educational ERP software has already helped several of thousands of institutions.

Dr. Prashant Sir had already received many queries regarding the report preparation. So, he resolved those queries by showing how the software can be helpful in data management. The ultimate aim of the demonstration was to make institutions aware that they don’t need to put extra efforts & resources and easily attain the NAAC Accreditation with the help of edTech tools tailor-made for effective data management.

Key Features of the Accreditation Data Management Software

Some of the key features of the Accreditation Data Management Software include-

  • Data Management in Chronological Order
  • Easy Data Migration from ERP Software
  • SSR Reports Documents Compilation & Management
  • 100% Accuracy of the Information
  • Report Generation in Template as per Compliance- NAAC
  • Compete Data Privacy & Security

If you are also aiming to achieve NAAC Accreditation, you can request the MasterSoft team to schedule a FREE virtual demo at your convenience.

Coming back to the session, everyone acknowledged the incredible software & the power of using ICT tools for the simplification of academic processes. No wonder why MasterSoft is the most trusted & leading edTech provider in India for the past 22 years with a user base of 10 million. The quality of products offered by MasterSoft has gained the trust of over 2000 institutions and the initiative they have taken to help institutions during Pandemic is commendable. The educationalists who attended the seminar gave positive feedback & requested MasterSoft to conduct such sessions frequently – which they are already doing.

As a final gesture, Janki Somani, the Marketing Head, delivered a vote of thanks to Dr. Rao and over 1000+ educationalists who attended & made the session successful. MasterSoft is extremely happy to be associated with such technology enthusiasts & progressive thought leaders who encourage the team to arrange such sessions.

For more informational videos & updates regarding the events, stay tuned!

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