Higher Education ERP Software

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What is Higher Education ERP System?


The higher education ERP system helps colleges and universities manage their business processes. It Streamlines information flow between Institution's various departments. Also, it simplifies the management of interactions with external stakeholders.

The changing Education Policies & Compliances, (NEP 2020) have greatly increased the need for a very robust, configurable ERP for Higher Educational Institutions, to deliver required results & bring an improvement in transparency & operational efficiency.

MasterSoft, with a multitude of experience from academicians, educationists & visionaries has built a robust, configuration Educational ERP Software with possibilities of customizations & Improvement.

ERP Procurement is a partnership & and the ties lie beyond the functioning of Software, which is the primary vital aim, but forward-looking organizations, working for the ultimate benefit of the institution are equally important.

MasterSoft offers a One Stop Solution to Manage all Administrative & Academic Activities & Processes, with a Single One-Stop Integrated Solution. Robustness, Data Security, Encryption, User Experience are some of the key building blocks for us.

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Higher Education ERP Modules


Modern Technological Adaptations of Higher Education ERP


Operational Efficiency

  • Role-Based Access
  • Simplified Online Admissions Procedure
  • Integrated Data Privacy
  • Convenient Navigation

Examination Management

  • Immediate Notifications And Alerts
  • Access To Exam Timetable
  • Access To Student Info
  • 360 Degree Benefits

Modern Apps

  • Monitoring Students' Progress
  • Online Management Of Admissions And Fees
  • Direct Interaction With Educators
  • Data On Student's Behaviour And Attendance

Cloud Adaptability

  • Easy Handling Of Student Data
  • Centralized Platform
  • Complete Data Security
  • Analytics Powered By Bi

Features Of Higher Education ERP


1 Management Of Student Registration

It is crucial that your system has a function that allows you to keep track of the various employee actions. This include managing the staff's salary, attendance, and other related tasks.

2 Management Of Attendance And Academic Success

On-paper attendance is no longer necessary. The college ERP system's attendance management tools will ease the burden on and identify students who are ineligible to sit for exams due to low attendance.

3Financial Administration

It is laborious to manage the costs and finances for colleges. The Fees Management and Accounting feature makes it easier to quickly monitor and supervise and keep track of income and expense.

4 Management Of The Schedule And Events

Timetable management is a crucial element that accommodates both teachers and students. Let's face it, even manually creating a great plan, we occasionally make mistakes and overlap things since we are human.

5 Human Resources Management

Schools can manage every facet of the talent they hire thanks to an integrated HRMS. It makes it easier for school management to monitor staff information and save all pertinent data on school staff members for future use.

6Communication Control

Email, Whatsapp, and SMS alerts are crucial for informing the students, teachers, and parents about vital announcements. The college ERP sets them up and notifies about late fees, attendance, grades, and other announcements.

Additional Features Of Higher Education ERP

  • Online fee payments through the mobile app
  • Timetable management & updates
  • Library issue and return details
  • Examination results and analysis
  • Library online public access catalog (OPAC)
  • Portal for student grievances
  • Biometric Attendance

    Biometric attendance eliminates misuse, manipulation, and proxy of attendance. The student attendance management system is automated through biometrics. MasterSoft student attendance management system gives an option to install fingerprint detecting biometric readers or the ID card chip detector.

    Fingerprint detecting biometric reads the fingerprint of each student; attendance of the student gets registered with the server notifying the student’s presence to parents via App, SMS, and email; concurrently.

    Biometric readers that detect the ID card chip can be installed on the campus premises, it reads the chip present in the ID card of each student instead of fingerprints.

  • Business Intelligence (BI)

    BI tools structure gathered data in the form of analytics and graphics, showcasing statistics in a better format and thus empowering the decision making process.

A Configurable & Robust ERP Software To Maximize Growth Of HEIs!

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Benefits Of Cloud-Based Higher Education Management Software


Provision of Centralized Admissions

Precisely Arrange Campus Data

Automatic Student Shortlisting

Smart Management

Managing Accreditation Data

For Naac, Error-Free Reporting

Savvy Power Bi

Individualized Reports

Improved Student Performance

Monitor Student Development

Better Results In Learning

Enhanced Organisation Authenticity

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FAQ's On ERP Higher Education Management Software