ICT Enablement in Higher Education - Nashik Conference

15 Nov 2019

With a sheer commitment to creating a positive learning environment by helping institutions understand the transformative potential of campus automation, MasterSoft ERP Solutions Pvt Ltd conducted a one-day interactive workshop on “ICT Enablement for Educational Leaders to Improve Institution Management and Be Compliance Ready” on 15th of November 2019 at Nashik. The focal point of the workshop was to impart knowledge regarding the profound effects of education technology and its deployment to be compliance-ready for entities such as NAAC / NBA / AICTE. The presence of nearly 150 educationalists from the affiliated and constituent institutions made the session a huge success.

Mr. Gaurav Somani, The President of MasterSoft welcomed all the dignitaries on the stage and requested them to join “Saraswati Pooja”. Since Goddess Saraswati is considered to be the Goddess of Knowledge & intellect in our Hindu Culture, we always begin our events by taking her blessings.


The highly experienced educationalist Dr. V.P Narkhede who’s serving as the Joint Director of Higher Education in Pune and the Vice Chancellor, Pune University, Prof. (Dr.) Nitin R. Karmalkar commenced the event on a positive note by kindling the lamp and addressed the participants explaining the dynamic nature of the e-governance system & the need of ICT enablement for leading in governance in educational institutions.

Dr. Narkhede began his speech by narrating the incidences of earlier times when technology was new in the market. The explained how edTech has evolved & contributed to the education sector throughout these years when everyone was in a dilemma regarding its utility. He further hooked the audience by sharing his 30 years of professional journey. The elaborated experiences that inspired him to embark upon introducing the concept of automation. The way he expressed his strong views on cutting-edge innovation & technology in the campus reflected the leadership qualities that have helped him make a mark in the education industry.

Prof. (Dr.) Nitin R. Karmalkar took the conversation forward by casting light on how college authorities can improve institutional management being ICT literate. He shared his experience on how Pune University is moving towards e-governance and narrated the crucial steps being taken for the same.

The Director of MasterSoft, Gurudev Somani, reignited the topic with a practical perspective and went on explaining the successful track record of MasterSoft products & their journey of gaining trust & building close association with more than 2000 institutions. He described how efficiently their e-governance ERP solutions could generate various reports covering key aspects of stakeholders - management, parents, and students and enhance institutional effectiveness in the long run. He continued the guest engagement by answering their queries and made the session highly interactive & interesting.

Team MasterSoft also launched a new & innovative product “Accreditation Data Management Solution (ADMS)” in the presence of our respected guests and attendees. Built according to the framework of top-notch accreditation bodies across the world, ADMS can help institutions achieve their goals & take the quality of education to new horizons. Our honorable chief guests congratulated & acknowledged the efforts of MasterSoft for developing the thoughtful Accreditation Data Management Automation Solution.

As a final gesture, but a significant element to convey gratitude, we presented mementos to our honorable chief guest & participants for taking out time and giving us the platform to showcase our ideas. Our co-coordinator for the workshop extended the impact by delivering a vote of thanks.

The entire session remained true to our goals and helped the participants gain insights about the role of Education ERP.

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