Features Of M-OPAC

The new mobile features allow a student to take action on and manage key processes through a native, secure, Smartphone application. These features will allow students with their mobile device to:

  • In single click patron can search desired book across all registered libraries.
  • M-OPAC is a tool which consolidated library data at single place, across different colleges.
  • Patron can search books by Title, Author, Publisher, Subject and Keywords.
  • Patron can see the information of a book in particular college like Author, Publishers, Publish year, Accession numbers with Series code, ISBN, Call No (Classification Number + Book Number), Quantity of book.
  • M-OPAC mobile app always asks for registration, registration process is performed single time and provide more facilities of M-OPAC. M-OPAC is also worked for Guest Users
  • Patron can find a rare book available in across registered colleges.
  • Patron can search book available in single college.
  • Patron can search books in available local language like Devnagari, Tamil, etc. (Unicode compatible).
  • Patron can send a request to librarian for a book and able to check request status.
  • Patron can do quick searching and save time in library.
  • Online Book reservation facility library users.

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