Orientation Program on NAAC Processes & IIQA

03 June 2021

Speaker: Prof. H. K. Anantha Subba Rao, Former Academic Consultant, NAAC

Right from developing the best edTech tools to ensuring the best quality of education even during the tough times of Pandemic, MasterSoft Team has come a long way! Their efforts & relentless dedication is commendable. Continuing the chain of helping educational institutions, MasterSoft Team recently conducted a two-day online webinar program on “NAAC processes & IIQA” led by Prof. H. K. Anantha Subba Rao, Former Academic Consultant, NAAC.

The event was attended by more than 1000+ eminent educationalists and was a huge success. The institutions got the exact answers that they were seeking directly from Mr. Rao! All the attendees thanked MasterSoft & Prof. Rao for arranging such an event & helping them with the valuable information on NAAC.

The focal point of the event was to enable institutions to attain the NAAC accreditations & solve their queries. The highly experienced academician Prof. Rao gave some incredible inputs that would surely help institutions be compliance-ready for NAAC.

Speaking of Day 1, the program began with warm greetings. Ms. Janki Somani, Marketing Head at MasterSoft welcomed Prof. Rao & all the guests. The event began with an introduction to the products offered by MasterSoft. Ms. Poonam from the MasterSoft group explained their services in brief & it was then followed by the main event. Prof. Rao explained how the NAAC accreditation can transform institutions & how they can attain it easily with consistent efforts.

Mr. Rao started by explaining the - Eligibility of HEI for NAAC (A & A)

He explained all the requirements in detail. If you want to learn in-depth, you can visit the link for the complete video. To summarize his words, he explained that HEIs need to have minimum of 2 batches of students that are graduated or existing in the educational institution for 6 years. This is the basic requirement that makes institutions including Universities (Private/Central/State/ Deemed-to-be) & Colleges (Autonomous/Affiliated/Constituent)- eligible for NAAC (A & A).

He further explained the assessment & re-assessment cycles of NAAC. Institutions that fulfill the criteria of NAAC would be evaluated by their SSR reports & onsite visit of NAAC. And if they are rejected at any point during the NAAC process, they may apply for re-assessment after a minimum of one year after making the desired changes asked by the NAAC Committee. It’s as simple as that!

The way he was explaining his views on why edTech is important & why institutions need to have documents with 100% accuracy was simple yet engaging. All the educators loved his way of expressing things in simple words.

IIQA Registration Process for HEI’s

Drawing attention to the IIQA process, he explained with some screenshots how IIQA registration for HEIs can be performed.

To summarize the steps he explained -

Process#1: A & A Process for Cycle 1

  • Step 1:Visit the NAAC official website & click on the “New Registration” link.
  • Step 2:Enter your HEI Name: As per UGC/MHRD Record.
  • Step 3:Enter your HEI Type: College or University.
  • Step 4:Enter your MHRD AISHE ID: Reference Number.
  • Step 5:Enter your HEI Email: Official Email ID for communication henceforth.
  • Step 6:Enter your Mobile Number: Official number that shall be used for sending all SMS alerts.
  • Step 7:Enter the CAPTCHA: As per the Reference Image.
  • Step 8:Click on Register Button & verify it by clicking the activation link sent to your email ID.
IIQA registration process

Process #2: A & A Process for Cycle 2 (Re-assessment)

  • Step 1:Visit the NAAC official website.
  • Step 2:Log in to your account via your old password & username.
  • Step 3:Click on the “Forgot Password” link if you forget the old password.
  • Step 4:If you have forgotten both your username & password and need any help, contact the NAAC helpdesk at naachelpdesk@gmail.com.
  • Step 5:Once you log in, check the dashboard to find the Status of IIQA Payments, IIQA alerts, previous cycle information, etc.
IIQA registration process

He also discussed in detail what documents need to be uploaded & why institutions must keep a tab on all the required documents right from the beginning. He also advised institutions to keep a separate machine/computer to manage NAAC documentation. Many viewers – educators & faculty from the audience asked him queries related to what he explained & also what they need to do for ensuring the best results. If accreditation is due, he asked institutions to start the process 6 months before so that they can continue their accreditation. He shed light on the topic further explaining how NAAC is considering the limitations caused due to Pandemic. The resolved queries on NAAC eligibility & IIQA submission as well.

Due to the COVID situation, some of the institutions are closed and they asked whether they can be given an extension to do the IIQA formalities to which he answered – Yes, they need to write a letter to the director of NAAC. He also spoke about extensions that can be given for SSR reports due to the Pandemic in locations that are affected adversely by COVID. However, he said that onsite peer team visits won’t be canceled.

You can watch the entire interactive discussion in the video.

In the end, Ms. Janki Somani from MasterSoft conveyed her gratitude to Prof. Rao & everyone for attending day 1 of the NAAC session. The session was continued on day 2 that we will be covering in the next segment.

All-in-all, the session was immensely knowledgeable & engaging. The feedback on the event was overwhelming. The insights shared by Prof. Rao were truly helpful to the participants.

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