Biometric Attendance System Application For Educational Institutions

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Biometric Attendance System Software

Biometric Attendance System Software

For every educational institution, be it a school, college, or university, maintaining an accurate attendance record of the workforce, faculty, and students is crucial. However, with the traditional paper attendance management culture, it becomes tough to keep track of time taken for routine activities of faculty, staff, and students such as total work duration, exact time of lunch break, and check in-and-out time from the institution. It may affect the overall institutional productivity & restrict it to achieve functional excellence in the long run. In such instances, an online attendance management system can be helpful. One of the most popularly used attendance management systems is the biometric attendance system. The biometric attendance system enables institutions to maintain security by tracking students’ attendance with the greatest degree of precision.

How Does MasterSoft’s Biometric Attendance System Work?


From the main entry gate, classrooms, to the administrative office, the biometric attendance tracking system offered by MasterSoft can be placed at various locations of the campus.

>Scan the Fingerprint

Scan the Fingerprint/Thumb Impression

To confirm who is actually clocking in and out of work each day and ensure that the biometric attendance system gives accurate attendance information, biometric time and attendance systems use the fingerprints of the employees. Here, the institution’s administrator needs to scan & map the fingerprint or thumb impression of the students & employees.

Centralized Storage Of Data

Centralized Storage Of Data

The next step is to store the scanned data at a centralized location in the biometric attendance software. Every time a student or staff member places his finger or thumb on the device, the internal mechanism of the biometric system verifies the data and then maps the fingerprint's endpoints and intersections to compare the information from the employee's system.

User Authentication

User Authentication

The entry is timed if the data matches what has already been saved. Otherwise, an error message indicating unauthorized access appears on the attendance device.Therefore, the biometric attendance system provides exclusive campus access codes to all institution members and completely prevents the possibility of unauthorized entries, providing total safety.

Prominent Features Of Biometric Attendance Management System


The following list depicts the key features of MasterSoft’s Biometric Attendance Management System features.

1 Secure Cloud- Based Platform

The student biometric attendance system offers a highly secured centralized time attendance data collection system for achieving the best practices in educational institutions.

2 Payroll System Integration

MasterSoft’s biometric fingerprint attendance system can be integrated into the payroll system for managing monthly payments of staff & faculty in the educational institution with a few clicks.

3 24*7 Accessibility

Designed & developed with advanced security measures & role-based access provision, the biometric attendance system allows faculty to analyze attendance details at any time & from anywhere.

4 Precise MIS Attendance Reports

The biometric attendance software auto-generates daily/weekly/monthly/yearly MIS attendance reports of students to ensure real-time & accurate time-attendance tracking & management.

5 Easy & Simple Navigation

MasterSoft’s biometric attendance system is extremely user-friendly & simple-to-use attendance software built to ensure hassle-free navigation to the end-users.

6 Real-time Attendance Alerts

The ERP software auto-sends SMS and Email alerts to teachers & parents about ward’s absentee in real-time to maintain the best security practices.

Track & Manage Your Student's Daily Attendance With Mastersoft's Attendance Management Software

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Benefits Of MasterSoft’s Biometric Attendance Management System


Zero errors and proxy attendance

Minimizes The Possibility Of Proxy Attendance.

There Is No Possibility Of Illegal Access On The Campus.

Get Rid Of Unapproved Overtime

Get Rid Of Time Cards

Accurate Monitoring & Analysis

Boost The Rate Of Processing

Scalable Flexibility

Centralized Control Over Working Hours

Accurately Records Staff Members' Attendance Time

Reduction of costs and manpower

Process Payroll Automatically

Boost The Business's Profitability

Reduces The Expense And Labor Required To Handle Mountains Of Attendance Records

Provides Precise Real-Time Attendance Data

FAQs On Biometric Attendance System

1.What Is A Biometric Attendance System?

Biometric attendance software is simply an attendance tracking device that enables institutions to keep a tab on daily students’ & faculty’s attendances by authenticating their fingerprints in real-time.

2.How Does The Biometric Attendance System Track Students In Real-Time?

The online attendance management system for students enables teachers & parents to stay notified about student attendance via emails & SMS alerts.

3.What Is The Cost Of A Biometric Attendance System?

Despite the great features offerings & operational utilities, the cost of a biometric attendance system is highly affordable. Institutions can implement the system without investing much capital.