School Library Management System Software

School Library Management Software

A school library management system is used to automate school libraries and manage all the in-house operations of schools. Library Management Software is a powerful and easy-to-use tool that librarians can use to manage library data efficiently. Students can borrow books through a methodical, organized system. From the acquisition of materials, books, and periodicals in the library to its cataloging and maintenance; the school can manage these tasks effectively. The School Library Solution provides a platform for the students of all the classes and librarians to easily access the system. It is developed, managed, and supported to achieve the school's vision and targets.

MasterSoft's school library system helps the schools to maintain a complete record of all the books available in the school and also other details like books' author name, publisher, and vendor's name. Thus, this library management module can manage all the major operations of the school library and makes all the bookshelf maintenance super easy.

Operations Integrated in the School Library Management Software :

  • Acquisition and Cataloguing
  • Circulation
  • OPAC- Online Public Access Catalog
  • Serial Control
  • MIS Reports

We provide rights to user to manage following operations :

  • Requisition and Purchase order
  • Bill Processing and Accessioning
  • AACR2 Catalogue
  • Binding
  • Barcode
  • Stock Verification
  • Circulation
  • B.T. record
  • Reservation /Claims
  • Overdue/Recall notices
  • Clearance/Fine
  • Notices / Reminders
  • Book bank
  • RF-SCHOOL & Emails
  • MIS Report
  • Graphical Reports
  • Utilization of documents
  • Lost/Missing documents analysis
  • Budget Analysis
  • Serial Controls –Purchase, Indexing search circulation and OPAC
  • Web OPAC – ONLINE PUBLIC ACCESS CATALOG is a powerful search engine tool to search books; it filters books on the basis of title, author, and subject.

RFID Library Management System detects books which are imprinted with RFID barcode. This technology ensures detection of books’ location. A barcode detector reads the code installed on the book. Once read, the location, accessioning number gets fed on the RFID software. Thereby if a student borrows a book from the Library it make cataloging work easy for librarians.