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Shift management software


Shift Management is a part of establishment module used to manage the different types of shifts & help the organization to plan and schedule employee shifts without any complication. Here we can calculate total absent & payable days on monthly basis according to applied shifts, which will use during salary calculation.

Shift management software is beneficial for the organization where different shifts are in use especially for night shift & double duty which continue to next day.

In an organization, by considering no of employees, admin can create group of staff under an Incharge who will take care of allotting shift to an employee on weekly or monthly basis. Employee can apply for compensatory off against working on holidays and double duty according to rules of the organization.

Reports generated are,

  • Shift timing report
  • Shift allocation summary report
  • Staff allocation report

Plan Future Shifts Strategically and Adapt to Any Last-Minute Changes With a Seamless Shift Management Software!

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Benefits Of Shift Management Software


Supports Employee Flexibility

Keep Track of Work Hours with an Employee Calendar

Manage Early or Late Shifts

Get Rid of Irregular Schedules with an Integrated Software

Identify Off Hours or Periods of Downtime

Fewer Scheduling Conflicts

Auto-Generated Shift Alerts Sent to Faculties

Prevent Overstaffed Shifts

Get Notified Regarding Understaffed Shifts

Easy Planning For Events with a Detailed Shift Management

Better Communication and Reduced Labor Costs

Track Scheduled Vs Actual Hours Worked

Detailed Records of Breaks and Overtime

Send Shift Update Notification in Real-Time

Improved Transparency and Productivity

FAQs on Shift Management Software


MasterSoft’s Shift Management Software lets the institute easily assign shifts to employees or a group of faculty from different departments on a graphical interface. It enables the staff to define weekly off for each teacher. Also, it helps to define planned headcount for all shifts for the day as well as detects early check-out, late check-in, overtime, etc.

Shift planning can be done using the following steps:

  • Identify your faculty shift requirements
  • Determine your employee strength
  • Decide on a rotation policy and schedule/shift type
  • Add on-call and ad-hoc schedules to fill the missing gaps
  • Create day shifts, overnight shifts, and breaks