Web Portal designed by us gives your Institute a global gateway & Recognition through an Elegant web design. Web Portal will be content based, Professional, Creative, Attractive and of highest standards. We provide smooth functioning and User-friendly website. The sites designed will be easy to navigate, and Search Engine optimized.

The sites will be high-tech & fully secured against hacking threats. Security codes are regularly up-dated for new Hacking threats. We assure 100% up-time of your site by hosting sites on world standard & world-wide mirrored Servers.

Web portal is linked with other modules of ERP applications such as - Admission & Fees, Time table & Student attendance, e-Learning, Results, T& P etc. Every student, Parent, faculty & staff can access the relevant information through password based individual login. The sites developed will be mobile responsive.

Web Services Includes

  • Web Design – Full Dynamic (Content based)
  • Web Email solution
  • SEO-Search Engine Optimization
  • Domain Booking & Web Hosting
  • Site Maintenance & monitoring
  • Site link-up with Social networking sites such as Face Book, Twitter, LinkedIn…

Create Your Own Website - Dynamic Web Portal

We provide a fully Dynamic web site / portal with great flexibility for you to independently design most of your own web-pages &manage their contents easily. You can design your own Menu links & sub-links structure. For Designing web Pages (Links), you get a powerful Text Editor. The site Visitor can select the color theme from several color themes defined by you. You can add / delete News in News room option. You can define multiple photo galleries with any number of photos in each Gallery. You can up-load files & images (Videos / PDF / JPG / Word / XL…..) on site.

Various Departments can have their own home page, independent Menus & submenus and authorities for page creations for that Department including news room & quick links. Department can have their own web Admin for designing & monitoring Departmental site. Following Major tools & utilities are provided for designing site.

Tools of creating Web Pages & Links by You

  • Defining Menu Links : Define Menu links such as Home, Departments, Infrastructure, contact-us ….… by defining Menu-link name, tool tip, Parent Menu link & position of the link in menu structure. This Menu link defined can be linked with - your own created pages, your uploaded files, any external URL or to system pages.
  • Page Design : You can design pages using pre-defined templates. Customized web pages can be designed in a simple way using a power full Text Editor similar to MS-Word.
  • Upcoming News : You can define brief news which will appear on the Home page in NEWS BOX window. Define news title (Description), Expiry date of news and re-adjust News sequence. You can give different news rooms to different Teaching Departments / sections.
  • Photo & Video Gallery : Create several Photo-Albums which will be shown in Photo Gallery window and can add any number of photos (with titles & Description) in each Album. You can add / delete photos in Album or you can remove Albums from Photo Gallery. Similarly you can upload Videos also.
  • Up-Load Files : You can up-load files & images (Videos / PDF / JPG / Word / XL…..) on site which can be further treated as web-links for down-load and images can be also be inserted in the Web page while designing.
  • Member Creation : You can create any number of members by giving User name & password who will maintain the various links of the site. You can assign various Duties (Roles) for maintaining the site to such Members.
  • User Role Creations : You can create various Roles of Users such as Admin, Photo up-loader, Page Designer, Forum Master, News creator…… and assign the permission to handle the various appropriate sub-modules such as Menu, Page, Links, Forum, Photo Gallery, News.
  • Admin : ADMIN Module is used to define masters such as Country, State, City, Departments, Designation, Degree, Branch, Course, Role, and Module. It is also used to add / Modify contents of Dynamic links such as - News, Announcements, Citation, Useful Information, Latest Event, Latest Event (Alumni), Scrolling Top Links, Internal Circulars, Send Message (SMS & E-mail), RTI matter, Feedback, Inquiry.

Using above Tools, you can create following & more links & sub-links:

  • Central Facilities – Canteen, Bank, Library, Hospital, Shops, Gym, Sports & Entertainment club, Post office…
  • Academics - Course Offered, Admission Procedures & Fees Structure, Scholarships, Academic Calendar, Holiday List
  • Departments - Labs, Class rooms & seminar halls, Faculty & staff, Syllabus, Departmental events & seminars, Publications, Achievements.
  • Library – Infrastructure Photos; Book & Journal Summary; Facilities - Book Bank, Reading room, Digital Library
  • Student Section – Syllabus, old Question Papers, Results, Attendance, Notices, Class & Exam Time table, Training& Placement
  • Events & Awards - Other - Seminars, Events & Conferences, Awards & Achievements, Merit Students, Sports facilities & Achievements, Social Events – Social Gathering, NSS & NCC activities
  • Links to other sites of your choice

Additional Dynamic Links:

  • Forums : Web site Visitor can request for creation of various Forums which can be created / maintained by Administrator of the site. The contents in the Forum are always published after approval by the Administrator or Member with Administrator’s permission to monitor Forum.
  • Dashboard : Every registered User (Faculty member & staff of the organization) can have his own dashboard - A common notice board. Dashboard shows internal circulars posted by Administrator and User can see general inquiries forwarded by Administrator.
  • System : Here you can configure SMS Sender phone no. & Name and Senders e-mail.
  • Employee : This Module is used to View the registered Employee information. Web Administrator can change the profile, privileges (Roles for web site Management) of an Employee or can activate / deactivate Employee from web site.
  • Alumni : ALUMNI Module is used to View, Activate / deactivates any Registered Alumnus from the web.
  • Tender : TENDER Module is used to add new Tenders on the site and to remove old Tenders from the site. Define Tender title, last date & Tender contents, Download file etc.
  • SMS & Email List : You can create for member list – name, mobile nos. & e-mail for sending SMS & emails.
  • Linking with ERP : Web site can be linked with our web based ERP applications such as Admission & Fees, Time table & Student attendance, e-Learning, Results, T& P etc. Every student, Parent, faculty & staff can access the relevant information through password based individual login.
  • Web-mail
  • Announcements
  • Site Visitor Feed back
  • Events
  • Scrolling Top Links
  • Exam Results
  • Payment Gateways for fees
  • People Search
  • Feed Back
  • FAQ
  • Any other link as per your requirements

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