Student Administration Management System

What is a Student Administration Management System?


A Student Administration Management System, similar to Student Information System (SIS) is a web-based software which is developed to analyze, record, and manage data in a school. This system enables coordination scheduling and communications between faculty regarding students.

It exists to simplify information tracking for all stockholders-students, faculty, admin staff, and parents. The software can be easily updated and modified by teachers and school administrators on a required basis to better cater to the needs of students.

College ERP Modules

College ERP Modules

Reports That Can Be Accessed Are

  • Online Admission Register
  • General Register
  • Identity Cards
  • Certificates: TC, Leaving, Bonafide, Character, DOB, Passing, NOC, Attempt & Expenditure
  • Scholarship Reports
  • User defined reports
  • Correspondence with Parents
  • University Board Reports
  • Students List Reports like: Courses, Optional Subjects, Caste Category Fee Type
  • MIS Reports based on: Faculty, Cashbook, Medium, Sex, Caste, Category & Fees Category

These precise reports ensure to meet administrative needs & helps educators accomplish their goals, especially during the time of the online admission process & fee payment transactions.

Prominent Features of Student Administration Management System


For a smooth operation of student activities in an institution, a student administration management system should have the following features:

1 Easy Record Maintenance

Monitor student behavior with detailed AI-based insights. With advanced reporting and unified data core features, you can manage large amounts of student data within a few clicks. The software is equipped with dashboards with customizable reports on student grades, learning outcomes, attendance, performance, schedule, fees, etc. Get on-demand reporting features for better decision-making and effective record maintenance.

2Streamlined Admission Process

Automate the overall student enrollment process under a single centralized software. There is no need to store bulk data, once the data is entered during the admission process, it can be reflected in synced softwares. Eliminate the lengthy manual process by automating the admission process and tracking the entire enrollment and student recruitment right from enquiries to final admission & fee collection.

3 Automated Transcripts & Grades

Provide easy access for student grades to all stakeholders with a role-based login. They can modify, send, and maintain grades and transcripts and send it to respective people in a few clicks, thereby improving the transparency among parents and teachers. With easy customization, the faculty can generate automated transcripts for respective exams which can be availed few minutes after the exams.

4 Conduct Different Types of Assessments

Enable effective planning, designing, creating, and executing various types of assessments, which includes, unit tests, quizzes, MCQ tests, descriptive exams, etc. You can easily import a set of questions and create different sets of papers, thus reducing cheating. Also, you can create templates for different tests, set timers, prevent question backtracking, and automatically assess student tests.

5Integrated Library Management

The software is integrated with library management software which helps students to login from a single portal and get access to advanced library resources. Students can find, locate, issue, and return books with configurable search options-author, published year, title of the book, etc. The software allows students to view borrowed books, renew library membership, request new books, etc.

6 Online Fee Management

Effectively manage student's fee payment and discounts. With a single login, students can get information about program fee, financial aid, scholarships, debt management, etc. It can be accessed even with mobile devices where students and parents can pay fees using various payment gateways- debit card, credit card, UPI, etc. instead of standing in long queues for paying fees.

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Benefits Of Student Administration Management System


With a Student Administration Management System, you can avail the following benefits:

Improve Overall Performance of Students

Easy Access to Teaching Plan and Notes

Can Track Academic Records Regularly

Give Mock Tests & Clear Queries

Get Immediate Feedbacks from Faculty

Better Communication

Improve Student-Teacher Collaboration

Discussion Groups & Peer Projects

Parents Are Notified of Their Ward's Performance

Transparency Among Various Departments

Workload Reduction

Limited Resources to Handle Data

Reduced Overhead Costs

Automated Admission & Fee Management

Prevent Redundant Work

FAQs On Student Administration Management System


Student centric administration management systems work to make the student information more accessible. It sophistically stores and maintains the information and helps in retrieving any data within a few seconds.

The Student Administration Management System should include the following:

  • Scheduling
  • Admissions Process Management
  • Timetable & Online Learning Management
  • Fee Collection Management
  • Financial Management
  • Grade Book & Transcript Information
  • Student Health Information
  • Exam & Result Management
  • And others