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Web-based university management systems automate tasks through digital technology. It includes student registration, admissions, fee collection, conducting examinations, online result publishing, providing course degrees, managing audits,finance, accounts, etc.

A cloud-based university management system is an ERP solution that enables streamlining of all university operations and the automation of tasks. It includes fee management, admissions, payroll, curriculum management, exam management, online evaluation, classroom training, and others. All the activities conducted in universities are automated using advanced technologies.

MasterSoft's UAIMS - University Management System has 23+ pro modules and in-built 45+ modules and can be hosted easily to the university data center or on cloud servers. Modules are designed keeping in mind the different dynamics of operation and can be customized according to the needs of the university. Universities should and must opt for a cloud-based University Software, for the following reasons –

  • Seamless management of all in-house activities
  • Offline & online examination management
  • 24*7 onsite & online service support
  • Role-based login access for data security
  • Monitoring & accurate information analysis
  • User-friendly solution for ease of navigation
  • Reduction of manpower and cost savings

University ERP Modules

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University ERP Modules

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Manage University & Its Affiliated Colleges Effortlessly With MasterSoft U-AIMS

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Features of University ERP Software


The University Administration System automates all the activities & makes the management of vast data easier. With University ERP Software, you can reap the following benefits

Easy Admission with a Centralized DB

Offers centralized online admissions

Automate data entry, verification, and storage

Generate merit list and admission forms

Automatic acknowledge and online onboarding

Create BI-Powered Reports and Analytics

Easy access to BI-powered analytics dashboard

Get role-based login access

Ensure smooth decision-making

Generate Reports on: Student Activities, Learning Outcomes, etc.

Choice Based Education System

Compliant with guidelines set by UGC

Offers students flexibility specialize in specific subjects

Empower students with career-oriented skills

Promote passion-driven learning

Success Stories


Mr. C. Zothakhuma |

Registrar, Mizoram University.

The MasterSoft team implemented the best ERP solution in Mizoram University which helps us to streamline our objectives and meet automation. They are the industry's best education ERP provider.

Benefits Of University Management System


MasterSoft offers a complete ERP for university management. It has everything that a university needs to ensure that everything is on the right track and is managed well. It can automate various processes such as attendance, admission, examination, results, announcements, etc.

1Integrated Coherent System

Offers interlinking of various academic and non-academic departments to ensure smooth running of a University. This software equips universities with a cloud based system that can be accessed across departments, which is integrated with everyday transactional and learning activities.

2Connecting Stakeholders

Minimize manual errors and ensure a strong teacher-student communication. A transparent University ERP that empowers students and reduces teacher’s workload to ease up the admission process, examination process, and announcements or provide updates on campus activities.

3Eliminates Mismanagement

The educational management system eradicates the manipulation and mismanagement of university data that is accessible to staff and administrative staff and any glitch or fraud in the system can be easily discovered. Data is secured by encrypted passwords and modern security tools.

4Better Administrative Rights

The software is based on modern technologies which supports various applications such as exam & admission fees payment apps. Also, the software provides admin rights to the head of the institution wherein the functioning of all operations can be monitored on one dashboard.

5Generate Graphical Reports

It provides customization in software which helps in personalizing the experience of the user and encourages the usage of technology to make the project successful. Also, analytics and MIS reports can be printed as and when needed with regards to any module or internal functions to maintain records.

6Eliminates Manual Work

The ERP system for university eliminates data entry and manual work which is repetitive, tedious, and heavily time-consuming to increase efficiency and productivity. It offers automation of all the academic and non-academic activities, which reduces the significant workload of faculty and staff.

Frequently Asked Questions


University management system (UMS) is a web-based solution which covers all aspects of colleges, universities and schools. It is developed for conducting, monitoring & analyzing complex activities of the University and its affiliated colleges like Centralized Admission, Centralized Examination, and much more. UMS has user friendly interface that manages every aspects of workflow and integrates all university processes. Right from streamlining operations like student enrollment, admissions, assessments & examination management, online result publishing, to alumni management, it eliminates manual work & helps universities achieve maximum productivity by computerizing student, staff & administration lifecycles and minimizing the hassles of the university administration.

ERP System for University can help Universities & Affiliated Colleges to conduct in-house as well as online examinations smoothly.
  • In-house Exam Conduction:It precisely streamlines & organizes pre-exam activities & arrangements such as creating timetables, generating hall tickets, allotments, and attendance sheets for students Furthermore, the Examination ERP Module also helps universities execute their post-exam activities including students’ mark entries, reports, and valuations.
  • Online Examination Conduction:The flexible Online University Examination Management System Module can configure multiple numbers of colleges, programs, courses, instructions along with various types of examinations. It allows students to – apply for enrollment at the university, pay fees online, get examination hall tickets & mark sheets/grade cards/results online at the end of the exam, apply for revaluation, apply for transcripts & degree, etc.

Yes, the University ERP System does support complete examination management including - inhouse exams & online exams for affiliated colleges.

Online College Admission Softwaresimplifies the hassles of admission by automating & streamlining all the activities of student admission procedure including college fee payments & collection. It empowers college staff & students by enabling them to perform the following activities speedily & thus, maximizing the overall productivity.

The Centralized University Admission Management System is an innovative cloud based education ERP platform that automates the admission process by enabling Universities to conduct the entire admission process online or directly admit students who’ve successfully cleared & scored in pre-admission examinations by Statutory Central Admission Authorities such as JEE, and State CET to a suitable college.


  • Apply by Filling Admission Form online
  • Upload Scanned Copies of Necessary Documents Online
  • Make Secured Online Registration Fees Payments
  • Track Application Status & Merit List


  • Define Affiliated Colleges, Courses, Eligibility Criteria, Seats in Admission Quotas
  • Prepare Merit List, Receive Corrections Online & Publish Revised Merit List
  • Allot & Publish College Course to Students
  • Send Alerts of Allotment to Students via SMS/Email
  • Send Final Allotment List to Colleges