LIB-MAN© is a web based fully integrated, user friendly, multi-user package, for computerization of all the in-house operations of the Library. This Library Software is powerful, and easy to use. Lib-Man is embedded with Multi-lingual Fonts, Bar Code & QR Code fonts. Lib-Man also have optional UHF RFID integration for automation. It also supports smart phone app for book search.

The Major Modules of LIB-MAN© are

  • Acquisition & Cataloguing
  • Circulation
  • OPAC - On-line Public Access Catalogue
  • Serial Control
  • MIS Reports

Add on Modules

  • UHF RFID Library
  • Smart Phone app - M-OPAC


  • Assured import of other Library software data to Libman
  • Marc standard data import / export
  • Book Data fetching from ISBN site, Google API. saving data entry time.
  • Supports E-Book upload & reading
  • Supports all latest technologies - Cloud, Smart Phone, Tablets, SMS, email, Bar Code, QR Code, Multi Lingual, Unicode, UHF RFID, Payment Gateway
  • Follows all library latest standards such as Marc 21, Library congress standards, AACR 2, SIP 2


  • Web Based & Cloud Enabled
  • Supports major Browsers and Responsive
  • Supports UHF RFID & Smart Phones

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