How Can You Improve Your NAAC Ranking?

15 December 2017

How to improve NAAC Rating with Education ERP Software

The NAAC accreditation process involves an assessment which includes Key Indicators, Qualitative Metrics, & Quantitative Metrics.

The Key Indicators are -

  • Curricular Aspects
  • Teaching - Learning and Evaluation
  • Research, Innovations, and Extension
  • Infrastructure, and Learning Resources
  • Student Support and Progression
  • Governance Leadership and Management
  • Institutional Values and Best Practices.

Most of these criteria, for NAAC Accreditation, require Reports. The time range for these reports is five years. Compiling such a huge amount of data manually can take up to 3-4 months and still there may be some errors. But with an ERP all kinds of NAAC reports can be generated within minutes.

An Education ERP helps Institutions to improve NAAC ranks/CGPA points in two ways. Firstly it simplifies some of the most time-consuming and complicated processes involved in NAAC accreditation. Secondly, it helps the Institution to evaluate itself on various parameters around key metrics and finding out the areas for intervention.

Simplifying the processes

An ERP stores all the data and information of an institution in an organized form. The data in an ERP can be structured in any required format in merely a few clicks. This is also true for the NAAC reports as well.

The ERP generates NAAC reports within minutes. It does not require any special committee or a group of people working for months to generate reports. Additionally, the generated reports are accurate as they are automatically processed which further ensures that there are no errors or mistakes in the reports.

The ERP helps an Institution in generating the reports related to -

  • Student feedback consisting of 20 marks
  • Curriculum planning consisting of 20 marks
  • Student enrollment consisting 30 marks
  • Teaching learning process consisting of 50 marks
  • Teacher profile consisting of 80 marks
  • Evaluation & reform consisting 50 marks
  • Student satisfaction consisting of 50 marks

The above pointers sum up to 300 marks out of 1000 marks which quite a huge number. Implementing an ERP can aid you in easily achieving up to 300 marks which matter a lot in improving your NAAC Rank/CGPA points.

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Enhancing The Overall Quality

An ERP also aids the top level management to take better and faster decisions with analytics-powered dashboards which reflect the real-time and actual data in a statistical format. By continuous evaluation, Management can take and implement preventive & corrective measures. Which eventually leads to overall development and improvement in quality in all the institutional aspects.

NAAC accreditation is all about improving the Quality of Education. The accurate data obtained from the ERP and the Dashboards help Management to initially find out the areas that need improvement. After the identification of such aspects/areas, Management can make appropriate decisions or take necessary actions.

Once the necessary steps are taken, the ERP can further help the Institution to find out and analyze whether the steps are effective or not. The continuous process of analyzing, deciding and implementing will definitely lead to overall improvement of the institution which will, indirectly but indisputably, reflect in the Institution’s NAAC ranks.

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